Witcher 3 Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. PC Comparison: XBX Visuals Closer To Pro Than PC

A comparison between Witcher 3 on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC.

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Sm00thNinja363d ago

But isn't one 60 fps.... and the other... isn't?

Gridknac362d ago

Your are right! The pc version is 60fps

Vectrexer362d ago

XB1X is 60 frames..
I'd wager a typical 500 PC is not,!!!

mkis007362d ago

So we are calling targeting 60 fps, 60 fps then?

starchild362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

The game runs at over 60fps a lot of the time on my PC and Gsync monitor.

Still, I think he is referring to the fact the XB1X runs at around 60fps much of the time in performance mode and the PS4 Pro doesn't.

kevnb362d ago

at 1080p I think a $500 gaming pc might be able to hit 60 fps.

bluefox755362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Agreed. I'd rather have locked 30 than unlocked. Unless it stays at 60, there's no point. Locked 60 > locked 30 > unlocked.

shloobmm3362d ago

It is 60 FpS that scales.down from 4k to hit it's mark. The Pro does not include. 60Fps option at all. Not to mention it is a 100% increase in pixel count over the Pro version on 4k mode with all of the bells and whistles like increased textures resolution and filtering that the Pro also does not have. Definitely closer to PC than Pro. Only thing it really lacks in the increased Nvidia gameworks physics that most gaming PCs have a hard time running anyways.

ProjectVulcan362d ago

So it's like 4K and medium settings with 30FPS or you can unlock the frame rate and lower the resolution a bunch to get closer to 60FPS, but not actually 60FPS.

Really it's no better than a mid range PC with a GTX1060 in it.

Why do people insist Xbox One X is like a high end PC? It's a mid range PC at best, and a 2016 one since GTX1060 is 18 months old at this point.

Krysis362d ago

@everybody I love how the PC and PS4 fanboys are both in here downplaying the fact the Xbox X is performing well. It may not be selling a ton but the fact is that it's performance has been awesome for a console.

letsa_go361d ago

@ProjectVulcan That is how fanboys justify their $500 purchase for the 2nd time this generation.

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362d ago
windblowsagain362d ago

All 3 look good.

On the outskirts witcher is 60fps on perf mode on x. In the city it's 40fps.

Still waiting to see pro patched.

But it's a great game no matter the system.

HeisenbergX362d ago

It's not 60fps but it should have at least a smoother framerate than the Pro.

Let's just wait for Digital Foundry's video. :)

TankCrossing362d ago

X version clearly looks best. I can't even understand the subtitles on those other versions.

DrumBeat362d ago

I know, but I have to admit, 60 fps sucks in towns in cities. Great for the countryside though. Could use some work.

shloobmm3362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

It hits 60. It's why the put on a dynamic resolution that scales down from 4k.


It's already been patched on PS4. The only thing they are adding now is HDR which it is currently lacking. It runs at exactly 50% of the res of native 4k

Ju362d ago

It runs pretty much the same framerate on the Pro (minus maybe 1 fps dip) @ 4k. The only difference is CB on the Pro, while on the X it's native. The Pro doesn't have a dynamic scaler nor does it have a 60fps mode. Maybe they patch it in. Might well work for 1080p @ 60fps. Now that they have a 60fps mode. I wonder how much the X actually scales above 1080p @ 60fps. It drops all the way down to 1080p in the 60fps mode.

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60fps on X most of the time, unless you go into Novigrad which it drops to 40s. Much better than Pro's 30 plus you get higher res textures and slightly better draw distance and HDR.

Pro already got the enhanced update to run at 1920x2160 checkerboard 4k and slightly better AO. Not gonna see 60fps mode on Pro Im afraid

Ju362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Not in 4K @ 60fps, though.

Sm00thNinja362d ago

Seriously the lengths some of you go to to discredit any advantage Xbox has is disturbing

BassMan125362d ago

Xbox performance mode can't even maintain stable 40 fps at Novigrad. And it's like running on PC medium settings. on 1080p

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Tko1111362d ago

I call more N4G BS. Which mode is this ?

Promachos362d ago

CD Project really messed up this time. No HDR for PS4 Pro until next year, No 4K textures for XBOX One and no HDR at all for the PC!!!!!! F....k

Docmortem362d ago

>.> The game looks good for PS4 even without HDR. Did you notice how close you had to zoom in to actually see differences? And most important.... Almost no one owns a PC Monitor that supports HDR.

The only one that fucked up are your expectations.

starchild362d ago

Not everyone plays on their PCs strictly on monitors. Many people have their gaming PCs hooked to TVs. There's no reason the PC shouldn't have the same HDR option in this game. Plus, HDR monitors are going to become more and more common anyway.

The differences are readily apparent in the comparison videos and they'll be much more apparent while actually playing the game at full quality.

Docmortem362d ago

@Starchild still it is nothing they should implement in retrospective. The only reason they did is because microsoft payed them to make it exclusively for them (at least temporal exclusive) ...

From Experience at home with a 4k HDR 65" TV ... hype is overrated ... its only at most nice to have with current tech.

CD Project Red should focus on their new project ... and maybe plan it to have HDR and 4k from the start.

Krysis362d ago

Do you have proof for that stupid Microsoft exclusive paid for comment. Because I have seen nothing that would lead me to believe that CDPR participate in those crappy practices. So do yourself a favor and don't look foolish with asinine comments.

kevnb362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

"4k textures" is just a made up term, unless they actually want to store each texture at 4k... which would make zero sense.

maybelovehate362d ago

Texture resolution is very real. And the higher the resolution of the texture the more detailed it will look. Textures aren't made in the same aspect ratio's of TV's though, they are square. But 4k games do demand textures made for 4k if you want it to look its best.

kevnb362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

while that's true, most games already have high enough quality assets for 4k resolution to look great (except pre rendered scenes). heres a look at what higher than standard quality textures do

boing1362d ago

They didn't mess up because they owe you nothing. You should be glad they're even releasing those updates.

TheKingKratos362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

The PC is in different zone graphics wise
pro and x looks pretty much the same
glad i own this on pc not consoles version
the pc mods for outfits and gameplay is what makes this game fun to play

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maybelovehate362d ago

No HDR is such a big deal for people who have HDR setups. Right now X is the place to play in my opinion. The HDR looks amazing. Still lose out on all the PP from PC but it is worth the trade off to see the game in it's full dynamic range of colors.

cigi362d ago

I guess this depends on the PC, and if you compare the price then the clear answer is NO !

ONESHOTV2362d ago

As he said PC always win because it can do what the consoles can do but the consoles can't do what a PC can do

starchild362d ago

Yes, but when you buy the PC version you have the option to play it at any quality level you want based on what hardware you choose. And you can adjust the graphics to your preferences, so you're not stuck with the graphical look and performance that the developers pick for you. Finally, when you do decide to upgrade your PC the game will scale up to the abilities of your new hardware, so when you buy the PC version everyone is getting that superior version it's just that it might take some people longer to enjoy it at its best. Beyond that, there are also mods that take the game to a whole new level and many of us are already enjoying those mods.

There are a lot of advantages to playing games on the PC. It might cost somewhat more upfront (although not as much as some allude to), but it objectively does offer you advantages over consoles.

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