Games for Lunch: Buzz!: Quiz TV

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 I liked the original, PlayStation 2 Buzz! The Mega Quiz a decent amount, but I could never get my friends to feel the same way. I'm looking forward to always having online opponents available in this version.

0:01 Before I even start, I love the peppy, quiz show music on the PlayStation 3 menu screen. I also like the new, wireless buzzers, although I can see finding eight AA batteries for four players would be annoying.

0:02 Speaking of "Before we start," the game tells me I need to download a whopping 207 MB update for "version 1.10." Wow ... I'm glad I don't have friends over ... they'd be getting annoyed right about now.

0:06 36 percent done with that download. My imaginary guests are complaining that the nachos are getting cold."

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