Buy Far Cry 2 Cheaper On Steam

While gamers can get bonus missions for Far Cry 2 by pre-ordering through Gamestop, those of you interested in purchasing the PC version might want to check out Steam's pre-order offer. It's not as sexy as bonus missions but it will save you some cash.

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White_hell3388d ago

If your in the EU and want this game on Steam, then tough.

Ubisoft seems to hate europeans buying their product off steam at the momant.

EvilCackle3388d ago

Really? Why the difference?

solar3388d ago

ya i found that weird. maybe because the PC gamer userbase is bigger in EU and Ubi wants cash from the store copy? dunno.

i sadly want the extra missions so i pre ordered the PC version from Gamestop. i hate Gamestop...

EvilCackle3388d ago

Still, you'd think they'd want to go through Steam to lessen piracy.

kwicksandz3388d ago

Plenty of games in AUS arent sold on steam because the retailers would rather you pay $100 new instead of $50 off steam.

Still glad i picked up my Orange box for $45 new.

Valve and steam FTW!

JsonHenry3388d ago

I prefer to buy my games from STEAM. So I pre-ordered this game two days ago on the STEAM service. Just like Stalker Clear Sky, Crysis WarHead, and pretty much every game Vavle has made I own through STEAM.

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cruckel3388d ago

will put SecuRom with Farcry 2 in steam, like they did with Crysis:Warhead, still laughing about that one.

Smart move EA ;)

lelo3388d ago

Far Cry 2 is from Ubisoft and not EA ... Thank GOD :)

White_hell3388d ago

Also what is weird is that Ubisoft is a European company as well,

But they only kind of allow their games to be bought on steam if your in the US....

Doesnt really make sense...

Its what kwicksandz said, As EU and AUS pay more for their video games than the US, they would rather prefer that you get it from the retail store so they get more money....
BUT however that also kinda doesnt make sense either, as Steam allows publishers to determine what price they want their game for each territory...

For Example Bioshock on Steam, its $30 in the US, in EU countrys its $55.

So back to my orginal point in my first post, Ubisoft just hates Europeans buying their products of Steam.

micro_invader3388d ago

I guess that's because no packaging costs, usually everything's cheaper on steam.

Bolts3387d ago

Mission based FPS usually sucks. I prefer the thrill ride types like CoD 4 and Crysis Warhead.