CDPR: No Plan To Implement HDR Support For Witcher 3 On PC, PS4 Update Next Year

CDPR has no plan right now to implement HDR support on PC. PS4 will get HDR support after new year's.

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Community355d ago
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DarkLordMalik356d ago
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maybelovehate356d ago

Well damn. Looks like Xbox One X is the best place to play Witcher 3. Big win for them. HDR in that game is huge. Such a shame they are leaving out PC. I feel betrayed to be honest. Bought the game and all DLC on PC. I don't get this decision.

Adexus355d ago

HDR on PC still isn't great at all so I don't blame them.

maybelovehate355d ago

HDR is fine on PC, it is just Windows 10 makes it a pain to activate properly. But once it is working it is awesome.

355d ago
Kaiou355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

"HDR on PC still isn't great at all so I don't blame them."
love how constructive and scientific you sound.
HDR is perfectly fine on PC if your system is up to date.

RealOldGamer355d ago

Not even close. The PC is still the best place to play Witcher 3. Remember, the One X is not running on Ultra settings, and there is no hairworks, etc.

I looked at them almost side by side, have both the X and a PC.
But I am with you, not sure why PC is not getting HDR.

oof46355d ago

PC monitors that support HDR isn't wide spread enough.

PlayableGamez-355d ago

Nobody on PC uses Hairworks. Its a gimmick that eats up performance.

kevnb355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

tvs that support HDR properly arent widespread either, I dont even know anybody who has one. And no, an 8 bit panel with HDR is not supporting HDR properly.

maybelovehate355d ago

The HDR does look amazing though.. Personally I will take the HDR over Hair Works and the other PP effects by a large margin. The newest LG TV's especailly really shine with HDR enabled, they were designed to be in this mode to look their best.

As for proper HDR support. All HDR support is proper but there are many 10 bit displays out today. But even an 8bit display is still offers way more dynamic ranges.

FRUTZK355d ago

PlayableGamez, I always use hairworks on everything at maximum with 60fps. Also you can download a mod that increases Geralt's hairworks LOD by an insane amount and I still 60fps. Hairworks looks amazing on Fiends too. Far from a gimmick.

neoandrew355d ago

You don't need an pc monitor with hdr, you can just play on the same hdr tv you would use with console and there is absolutely ZERO HDR issues on pc, everything works just fine, if it something its devs fault.

GameHead85355d ago

Because PC has the best textures, best lighting, you can play at higher resolution so you can see the difference and PC has the best over all ultra realistic graphics. It doesn't need that HDR shit. Anyone that's a PC gamer would understand.

P.S. I would love to see the Xbone X do 8 or 16k.

EddieT354d ago

PC version is still way ahead of the X version. Better settings across the board, uncapped framerates and mod support blow the X out of the water.

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ONESHOTV2355d ago

The best place to play ? Lol the console can't even run the game at maxed settings and let's all forget the mods on PC that pushes the game that no console can ever dream of running

DragonKnight355d ago

Don't worry. They didn't plan on improving Witcher 3 for Pro or One X either, but they did.

EddieT355d ago

Nope Xbox doesn't have 4K60, 144hz, mod support, highest textures and assets, Gsync/freesync, highest quality shadows, lighting, AO, anti aliasing and Hairworks, highest draw distance, and overall clarity that the PC has. Also Ansel support on PC is very nice exclusive feature.

355d ago
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Well that is a shame for PC fans, glad to see Pro getting HDR and I can't wait to play this at 60fps on X! Blood and Wine is waiting for me to finish this amazing game!

MegaMohsi355d ago

it's not anywhere close to a locked 60fps if you've watched some of the videos. Best way to play would be the 4K mode with pretty much a locked 30 fps.


What? we must have watched different videos, I know it's not locked but it floats around 55-60fps 99% of the time, drops to 40's in Novigrad as expected. Both options are great!

DrumBeat355d ago

Witcher 3 is beautiful on Xbox One X. I just love this game, and this particular console. Wasn't a fan of the original Xbox One or the S, but this is one great platform.

pestesirdo355d ago

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355d ago
Kumakai355d ago

Man that just made the one x version stand out even more on console.

Fishy Fingers355d ago

Seems like a strange omission. A lot of PCs are hooked up to (HDR) TVs these days so I thought, considering their support for PC as a platform they’d include it.

Certainly not a make or break feature, I’d still opt to play it on (a decent) PC than anything else but would of been a welcome addition nonetheless.

oof46355d ago

My guess is because PC monitors are nowhere near to having HDR support.

kevnb355d ago

that doesnt make any sense, barely anybody has a tv that supports hdr either. And of those that do many are just 8 bit panels that dont actually show hdr properly.

oof46355d ago

@kevnb: Just about every 4k TV on the market, supports some form of HDR. Monitors have not reached that point of saturation yet.

maybelovehate355d ago

You can get PC monitors with HDR

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