Upgrade patch 1.60 for Xbox One X is out, Additional PS4™ Pro patch coming soon

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has just received an upgrade patch for Xbox One X enhancing the game to take advantage of the additional power offered by the console. Similar patch for PS4™ Pro has been released a few weeks ago.

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Nodoze363d ago

Developers take note. THIS is how you release a great game. THIS is how you support that game. THIS should be the standard model.

This does not include loot boxes
This does not include crippled progression systems that force monetization
This includes - great story
This includes - vast world to discover
This includes - reasonably priced DLC which significantly adds to the game
This includes - patches + support to further optimize the game post launch

Thanks CD Projekt Red! NICE WORK!!!

kevnb363d ago

the dlc they released for this game feels like what another dev would call a sequel.

quent363d ago

"Bungie with their fingers in their ears",cant hear you, la-la-la-la-la-la-la

Bahamut363d ago

I platinumed The Witcher 3, then jumped directly into Breath of the Wild. Two of the best games I've ever played back-to-back.

InTheZoneAC363d ago

Follow up with horizon, last of us, and uncharted 4...nonstop great games

Bahamut363d ago (Edited 363d ago )


Yeah I bought Horizon when it first came out, played it a little, it seems good, but I'm still absorbed in Zelda. I'll get around to it. Platinumed TLOU last year, and yeah I should probably get back around to Uncharted 4. I got about 70% done with the game twice, but never finished.

TedCruzsTaint363d ago


So essentially you're saying "I like Sony. Sony, Sony, Sony, Sony. Did I mention Sony? Sony has games! Sony!

Look. I know you probably play other games. But it is so cringy how you just regurgitate the same things time and again. Putting your precious company on a pedestal any chance you can make it work. If Mitt Romney's idiocy held true and companies were people, you would marry, impregnate, and let a thousand little Playstations out into the world, if only just to throw them on a Christmas card every year and send them to every bastard on the planet.

JokerBoy422362d ago

@InTheZoneAC how are you getting so many down votes? You must have TRIGGERED a lot of Xbox fanboys as you listed exclusive games only on PlayStation lol!

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Imalwaysright363d ago

Best studio in this industry.

TedCruzsTaint363d ago

Puts out the best open world action RPG of the last decade, and then still hold humble and put their customers at the forefront of their business decisions.
Yeah ... there aren't many CDProjekts out there.

fatbastard11363d ago

They're not that good,they didn't add HDR to PC.That's a tremendous disappointment.

Str8Chaos74363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I bet they do in the future. I know you can play PC games on a TV, but there are almost zero HDR monitors at the moment. They treat their customers very well and have been doing so for years.

DrumBeat363d ago

Way to go! Great devs in CDPR!

Smokingunz363d ago

Hahaha i love that dude lmao

363d ago
The 10th Rider362d ago

Don't forget that they released it on PC available 100% DRM free on day 1. You could literally have purchased a copy on PC and shared it with all of your friends. The game still saw incredible PC sales completely butchering the narrative that you need to implement anti-consumer DRM that cripples a game's performance to prevent piracy from hurting sales. People will pay for good games, simple as that.

WelkinCole362d ago

Yeah, Blood and Wine and Heart of stone is how devs should do DLC.

I can honestly say without a doubt that both Heart of Stone and Blood of Wine are content that would not make sense to include in the main story.

In many games DLC you can easily tell that they were content that were left out of the game.

Not the case with Heart of Stone an Blood and Wine though. Project Red really are one of the best devs out there.

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tdoto363d ago

60fps!! Did they have that option on PS4 pro?

363d ago
Babadook7362d ago (Edited 362d ago )


UltraNova363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I guess they would have given it that option if it came out a year and 100 bucks later...


CDPR just keeps on giving. Glad I've bought W3.

Kribwalker363d ago

how come the same wasn’t said when the ps3 launched a year later and for $200 more? Oh because the ps3 didn’t play multiplatforms better? So maybe it’s more because it’s quality hardware, not just that it’s a year newer and $100 more

Condemnedman363d ago

it didn't tho it was released a year earlier to help vr it was rushed that's not ms fault that's Sonys problem

UltraNova363d ago


The ps3 had monster of cpu today's consoles would only dream of having. T wasn't the console's faut devs were lazy, a fact made abundantly clear by the better looking 1st party games.

I would argue the Pro wasn't rushed provided Sony was eyeing a 6 year gen. Plus they had to keep the price reasonable at 400. They did the best they could for the time they released it. But yeah the barely descernable difference to the naked eye vs a game on the X is Sony's problem ;-)

Babadook7363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

"I guess they would have given it that option if it came out a year and 100 bucks later... '

Sure kid. That's why Pro almost always runs at higher frame rates over the X.

TedCruzsTaint363d ago

If you own a pro, then hush up.
If you don't ... well, stop being bitter.

UltraNova362d ago (Edited 362d ago )


Kid? I've been gaming for 27 years, you do the math. As for the other part of your comment - u new around here?


I do have a Pro in fact, and no I m not bitter, why would I be? Are u asking because you failed to understand the context of my commnents above?

Ok ok here it is "I guess they would have given it that option if it came out a year and 100 bucks later... "

That was meant if the Pro was to come out this year at 500 bucks it would have the 60 fps option. But it didn't.

Should I explain more? It came out in 2016 with the best gpu they could put in it at the time at the best price (400). The end result is console that rivals (objectively) the newest and more expensive X when it comes to side by side comparisons of multiplats.

Get it now guys?

Babadook7362d ago

“The end result is console that rivals (objectively) the newest and more expensive X when it comes to side by side comparisons of multiplats. ”

I get it. My bad. And I am still thinking CDPR will offer a 1080p high frame rate mode in the next update to Pro users.

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Ron_Danger363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Reread the patch notes. Targeted 60 fps is only in performance mode with a fluctuating resolution from 1080-4K. It isn't constant.

If you think it's going to run 4K 60fps, you're in for a bad time.

TankCrossing363d ago

I think the people currently playing it <1080p at 30fps will be in for a good time, whether they opt for 4k or 60fps.

Gwiz363d ago


InTheZoneAC363d ago

60fps with dynamic resolution, as some other games do this as well, yet I get blasted for calling out bungie/destiny for not giving us this option and instead we're stuck with 4k/30fps.

Some people day res doesn't effect fps or vice versa, clearly it does in some manner

Aenea363d ago


Of course resolution effects fps, a GPU has to push twice the amount of pixels per second for 60fps instead of 30fps. Remember GPU's power is measured in floating point operations PER SECOND? Not per frame or anything like that. More frames, more power needed, which is something people tend to overlook...

Also, with a game like Destiny it has something to do with all the stuff they do on the CPU, if the CPU can't do all the physics calculations 60 times per second than that can hold back fps as well. It's not just one or the other...

HeyNowChillax363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I play supersampled 1080p (4K games) on a quality 65" about 10ft away. I've also played 10ft. in front of a similar 4K, there is little noticeable difference in res from your couch unless you get up and stare at the screen 3-4 ft. away. Titanfall 2 is a great example if you are able to compare. The biggest difference I've seen has been HDR. I'll take 1080p dynamic res to 4K then supersampled graphics to hit 60fps any day over 4K 30. I don't think anyone really believes a 6 tflop machine, more efficient use of power a console may be, was expecting open world games at 4K 60fps. 1080ti's can't even do it at $750+ a pop.

Kiknyonutz363d ago

Disagree. I've had the opposite experience.

Ashunderfire86363d ago

The fact that it can run 4k sometimes with 60 fps is Earth shattering! Wow 😮 massive open world game that is an achievement for consoles right there.

PrematuaProcrastin8a363d ago

And? If you want that performance on p.c, you would of had to of spent considerably more than 500 dollars. The X is delivering on what they promised, 4k at the existing frame rates. Other options are gravy.

fathertime1980363d ago

The maximum range for viewing a 65in 4k tv is 8-10ft, which you say you sit at. So if your not able to see a difference between 4k and 1080p, I really do recommend you get your eyes checks and maybe you shouldn't be allowed to drive till ya do. My next question is, why not just go buy a 80in 1080p with what you spent on the 4k? Obviously adhere the same (according to you)

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No, Pro only got bump in resolution and a slight boost in AO... thats it. Does not have enough RAM for better shadows, textures, Texture filtering, etc. I was not expecting a 60fps mode though! That is awesome!

kevnb363d ago

im sure it has enough ram for at least some of that, but it might not have enough spare power. Microsoft might also be providing more incentive to upgrade.


No, PS4 Pro, PS4 and X1 all have 8gb RAM, X has 12gb. Memory will be the biggest difference when comparing these two consoles. More RAM, more assets just like PC gaming. Pro GPU and CPU boost is only good for Res and framerate upgrades really, it does have slightly faster RAM which helps a little but still the same amount as PS4 allocated to games.

In reality, X1X should be able to run the same game as PS4 Pro with a higher native res, same framerate and more graphical assets due to more available memory

kevnb363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

You talk as if you know how much ram the game is using in the first place, the pro also actually has 9 gb of ram. 1 extra slower gb for the OS.

Anyway my point is you have no idea if the reason they can’t add those effects is because of lack of ram, especially when the pro version already runs at a significantly lower resolution. Judging from my experience with the pc version the pro most likely has enough ram but not enough power for upgraded shadows etc.

kevnb363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Just did a little research myself and whoever is disagreeing with me are idiots, the game uses about 4 gb total ram maxed at 4K on pc. That’s system + video ram.

GUTZnPAPERCUTZ363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

That is simply not true my man. I have the game on PC and the "minimum" memory requirement is 6gb... also the Pro version runs at 1920x2160 checkerboard 4k after the update that came out 2 months ago.

Shadow filtering, Textures and Texture filtering are ALL Memory task.


Also, the Pro can only use 5.5gb of it's 8 for graphics last I checked. The 1gb of DDR3 is the same as X1's extra 8gb of flash memory it uses for background task and to speed up the OS which is why the UI is a little faster on X1 than my Pro as well as running 4 apps +1 game in suspended mode vs Pro's 1 app + 1 game. The X has just over 8gb all for gaming

kevnb363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Do a little research would you, they only ask for 6 gb system ram because windows and a few running programs can take up a good chunk of that. Texture filtering uses a very minimum amount of ram and so does shadow filtering, just stop you have no clue what you are talking about. Anyone that’s gamed on pc knows resolution and texture quality are the vram eaters followed by aa, filtering and other settings barely make a dent.


Smh... I don't need to educate myself, I never said Texture filtering had to due with the AMOUNT of RAM, but the bandwidth of the RAM which X's 326gb/sec is over 100+gb/sec more than Pro's GDDR5. Stop saying "V-RAM" that means nothing on console, there is no dedicated GPU with on board video memory as a buffer. ALL RAM IS SYSTEM/VIDEO MEMORY! There is a reason you have VRAM and System RAM requirements together, not one or the other. usually around 8-10gb total for ultra settings at 1440p - 2160p.

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shloobmm3363d ago

No. It won't be getting it. It also won't be getting a native 4k mode. However they are adding HDR to the Pro version.

Jules__Badguy363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

It seems probable but I get the feeling it couldn't run higher than 720p-900p for 60 Frames on PS4 Pro.

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DaGreatOne363d ago

I honestly don't believe the pro would have gotten a patch had it not been for the X.

Kratos_Kart2007363d ago

PS4 got the patch first........

Zeref363d ago

The patch was only announced after X was announced. They previously said that PS4 Pro wasn't going to get a patch.

Kiknyonutz363d ago

My guess is because the Xbox One X can handle more of a performance bump than the Pro.... that takes time

Ron_Danger363d ago

Zeref is correct. The pro patch was never planned. There were a lot of people on Reddit getting crazy pissed off about it.

megaleo009363d ago

And,what happening with that?

Kratos_Kart2007363d ago

so the disagrees mean PS4 didn't get the patch first? really people

If it wasn't going to get a patch...Why was it released before the One X?? Wouldn't it be released after??

DaGreatOne363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

For one the pro patch came out a whole month before the X even was released. And as several have said the devs weren't even planning to do one for the pro a year ago.

Edit: let's be real, the pro patch that came out first that you emphasizing is a joke compared to this one. So now we gonna get a better upgrade AFTER the X. The pro patch should have been like this out the gate.

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HeyNowChillax363d ago

Now THIS is an excellent patch. CDprojektred, best devs this gen IMO.

363d ago
Elda363d ago

I could never get into this game & tried it twice.

georeo363d ago

Me too. Don't be ashamed about it.

FlyGuyHung363d ago

*gasps* No, you shoukd be... that is shameful. Lol

Elda363d ago

Never that.I don't care how many updates they do to improve the visuals the game just didn't hold my interest the first & second time around.I have no interest trying for a third.

Magnetar362d ago

Never finished it the first time, hearing about this patch made me start it again a few weeks ago. Even if I don’t finish it again it’s one of my favorite rpgs of all time.

Bigpappy363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I tried once. After fighting the baby monster, I had no desire to go back. But I still own the game and the patch is free. so it wouldn't hurt for me to give a little effort just to see how it plays in these new modes. May be it'll grab me the second time around.

DrumBeat363d ago

It's sort of a rough climb in the beginning, but once you're fairly saddled in, it's very enjoyable.