Giant Bomb Impressions of MotorStorm 2

Giant Bomb writes: "MotorStorm: Pacific Rift's North American release date of October 28 is rapidly approaching, so it seems reasonable to assume that the version being shown at the Tokyo Game Show--where it is known simply as MotorStorm 2--is awfully close to complete. And from what I've played so far, it seems to be poised to deliver the same sort of thrilling off-road racing as the original game, but on different types of tracks."

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eric1003514d ago

However Motorstorm 2 has so much content. wont be surprised if it gets 10/10 all over
u have 16 tracks which is up from 8 in 1, 4 player splitscreen and free lobby gaming or something

i mean motorstorm 2 has so many features. the graphics and gameplay mechanics are so much improved over the first one