Microsoft: Photo, Video Sharing Could Easily Be Added To New Xbox Experience

MTV Multiplayer: "One of the early promises of Sony's Home service was the ability to stream media to your friend's machines and watch, listen and talk together.

Since then, Sony has said that's not something that will be part of Home's open beta.

But it is something that Microsoft's thinking about implementing with the "New Xbox Experience," otherwise known as the dashboard update coming on November 19.

Here's a shared video idea I proposed to two Microsoft employees who were showing me the dashboard a few weeks back."

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TheBrit3449d ago

"MTV Multiplayer: There’s the idea that if I downloaded a movie, or say I had Netflix and all my friends had Netflix, is is theoretically possible that if we all wanted to watch “Michael Clayton,” that it’s possible you could create an application that allowed you to do that?

“Yes,” said Xbox director of marketing Albert Penello. “Those types of things are certainly the aspiration.”"

I'm confused. This was mentioned as a feature that WILL be available via the new dashboard when it launches. Microsoft stated ON STAGE that you will be able to fire up a movie via netflix and invite your friend who also needs to have a netflix account and it will stream to both places so you can watch a movie together across the country.

What gives here?

360 man3449d ago

so peadofiles could be showing kids pictures of thier balls

OH WAIT they already do