Opinion: EA is Going to Kill Anthem With Microtransactions

There’s a reason to be worried about BioWare’s upcoming game E3 and it’s all due to loot boxes.


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DaDrunkenJester356d ago

Nah, game is going to be fantastic. Made by the original team who did Mass Effect 1-3

UCForce356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

But with EA control, yeah that’s something I’m very doubtful. After what EA did to BF2, people can’t even trust any major publishers for once.

ThatDudeMunkee356d ago

Can i long distance high five you, @UCForce?

_-EDMIX-_355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

But EA has been in control of the majority of the Mass Effect series anyway I mean by that understanding you might as well say you hated every Mass Effect after the first game....

Also there's not really that much evidence that Anthem is going to be the same way in terms of microtransactions or loot boxes.

I think the only thing we could know for sure is that it's going to have season passes or downloadable content as their looking to have it similar to Destiny but in terms of microtransactions I don't really see much information pointing towards that I would argue based on the money they lost with Battlefront 2 they might be looking to not have that involved at all.

And I'm also not sure what you mean by people cannot trust Electronic Arts, I have no problem trusting the game developers to develop a fun game and I have no problem trusting the publisher to Market and distribute the game....

Whether or not you like the game or not is kind of irrelevant. Don't buy it.

This development team is still a quality development team and I'm definitely looking forward to trying out anthem.

glenn1979355d ago

What about Titan fall? I see a dark future for gamers if this trend keep happening

yeahokwhatever355d ago

Titanfall sealed its fate when it wanted to be an XBOX exclusive. Nobody cared about TiFa2 because nobody played the first one.

PapaBop355d ago

This! You could easily apply the same logic to Battlefront 2 " Game is going to be fantastic. Made by the same team who made Battlefield the monster game that it is today" ... we all know how that turned out.

fiveby9355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

I have concerns the game will be riddled with MTs. Not so much because of Bioware but included at the insistence of EA. Such monetization practices are baked in from the original requirements from the publisher. I hope this is not the case that the game is ruined by MT mechanisms but like many, I am highly distrustful of EA and by extension any of their studios right now. Trust is earned and EA is sorely lacking in that department right now.

@EDMINX I think that EA has made a strategic shift since the development of the games you mention. By their own words EA wants to emulate the revenue streams they employed with FIFA UT. They clearly tried to do that with SW BF2. Studios get marching orders too. EA does not just give free hand to their dev studios to do as they please. Thre's a reason they 'own' the studio. But I hope you're right it is a good game but I am skeptical.

indysurfn355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

This is a sneaky article that sounds like it was paid for. It sounds like it is trying to convince us we may as well GIVE in. It even makes the marketing statement 'Unfortunately, those days are over'.

It even tells the big lie that select few voice their opinion against micro transactions.

LIES!! When is the VAST MAJORITY a select few? Evey reddit, N4g post had 95 plus percent comments and votes against micro transactions. And EA did not reverse ship on a select few voice. It was people cancelling pre orders. Are they trying to talk us into thinking we have no power? Are is the writer really unaware that he is using marketing speak to make people not fight this? All we have to do is not pre order and they will reverse ship! Cancelling pre orders is even better.

The only person that does not have power to change the game companies policies on micro transactions and loot boxes is the one that does not know he has the power.

indysurfn355d ago

@glenn1979 I see a dark future for a few publishers if these few publishers keep trying this. Gamers are not stupid and EA is reaching the CIRCUIT CITY level of bad will.

fiveby9355d ago

@indysurfn I agree that there is an effort in the industry including some willing gaming 'press' outlets to make this seem as if MTs are a 'fait a compi'. They try to convince us that they are necessary for the economic viability of the industry. I have read analyses that show this is not the case. This is surely a subtle manipulation to get the public to just accept this business model. I agree that consumers ultimately have the power. Opinions regarding anti-lootbox MTs are not monolithic but it is surely not marginal either. It is significant and in the case of SW BF2 was a very vocal majority. The business tries to marginalize that sentiment by saying it's a vocal minority. That is not the case.

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ThatDudeMunkee356d ago

Not really. A lot of their lead designers and developers have left the studio due to EA and their business practices over ME3 and ME: Andromeda. Not much of the original BioWare is left.

_-EDMIX-_355d ago

except BioWare is made up of literally hundreds of Developers....

Unless you got a good head count of every single member I'm not sure anyone is really going to know exactly how much of that original team is actually really there.

xsta1ker355d ago

let's not be blinded by the past even though EA has not been particularly terrible in the past
they have never been seen as a beacon of trust...and have gone total greed mode
no one should trust any game this company has its lable on going forward i will not support
anything they touch.

i feel for the developers that fall under there control.

Malphite356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

It'll probably be a Destiny-like grindy time waster. If you enjoy that kinda stuff you'll probably enjoy Anthem as well. But looking at EA right now, even if they execute the game design properly there is always the risk that they'll screw it all up with greedy microtransactions. A talented dev team is no guarantee for a good game under the EA flag these days. I wouldn't be surprised if wasn't even Bioware's decision to make that type of game to begin with.

-Foxtrot355d ago





narsaku355d ago

When has something like that ever mattered? It's clearly a Destiny clone with the same typical cut content and crappy shooter dungeon gear grind with microtransactions.

..Bioware's name stands for itself. The day Andromeda released, everyone should have known the days of them being on top were now over. "What team made what", doesn't mean anything. A good company takes responsibility for it's own work, always. And NO self respecting artist would have allowed Andromeda to launch in the state it was on.


Krysis355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

I love those kinda games, without the micro transaction of course. Crappy dungeon shooter gear grind I mean.

rocketpanda355d ago

Doesn't matter who makes the game, if EA involved then they'll find a way to screw with things. Bioware has been on a downward spiral, regardless of which team makes what games, thanks to EA. I won't be surprised if they will go the same route as Visceral games in the future.

I really want Anthem to succeed and be they presented at E3 that will offer a great experience which Destiny 2 should have, but with EA in control, I will wait and just ignore all the hype.

thehitman1398355d ago


👏👏Well said!!!! 👏👏

Edito355d ago

And published by the same company that killed Visceral and Dead Space, Killed Star Wars, Need For Speed, etc.

Seafort355d ago

If I get a whiff of any microtransactions or loot boxes in Anthem it will be off my to-buy list immediately.

Trust in corporations like EA or Activision is at an all time low and they should be very scared not to piss their customers off any more than they have or their businesses will be in real trouble in the near future.

spicelicka355d ago

I don't think people are doubting that the game will be great, it's how EA riddles it with MT's that's the problem. The developers don't necessarily have control over that.

Bleucrunch355d ago

The issue is not the developer @SDaDrunkenJester, it is the publisher because they own the IP and can do whatever they want with it, including burying it under MT's and we have evidence that EA has done this already. They already screwed up Mass Effect Andromeda with that.....the odds do not look good in their favor.

TheGamingEffect355d ago

You do know EA owns Bioware right?? And they tell the Dev teams what to do right??

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TheColbertinator356d ago

Cautious but I still have some faith in Bioware.

ThatDudeMunkee356d ago

We stand in the same position. I'm interested, but concerned. I don't be pre-ordering this one. Just as my write-up states my thought on what EA needs to do:

"If I had to give EA any advice or tips regarding Anthem? It’d be to remove microtransactions altogether. It would be to completely make this game exempt of any form of loot boxes or a monetization model outside of the games $60 cost and DLC options such as a season pass."

SierraGuy355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

They make way more money like threefold on microtransactions than the actual sales of the game. Sad I know. It's why they don't care. They don't disclose that info. We have to stop purchasing the game altogether.

ThatDudeMunkee355d ago

That's where I'm at, @SierraGuy. I've been playing a ton of Indies latelt.

BassMan125355d ago

No doubt Bioware will make the game good, but EA will ruin it.

yumi76356d ago

Yea, I have basically zero interest in this game as it stands.

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Chaosdreams356d ago

It's going to be the last game Bioware makes before EA dismantles them and consumes their assets. All the while they'll reap a profit from MT's.

That's just my opinion.

SierraGuy355d ago

That profit won't be small either. This will eventually destroy development of new games.

DaNineTwo355d ago

I'm still waiting on a new Burnout game that charges you per crash...