Game Junkie at TGS

Gerard Campbell writes:

Day 1, Tokyo Games Show notes.

"Patapon 2 (Sony, PlayStation Portable): I loved the first Patapon game and played it heaps until the UMD got munted and now it's unplayable. So, I'm delighted to tell you that Patapon 2 is more of the same bright, cheerful graphics and catchy "pata-pata-pata-pon" rhythm.

Locoroco 2 (Sony, PSP): The bouncing, singing and smiling blob is back. LocoRoco 2 will feature new levels, "fresh, jolly characters", more than 45 in-game movies that enhance the story, new locoroco and new songs. The game's designer, Tsutomu Kouno, told the presentation that he made the original Locoroco because he "wanted to bring surprises to people all over the world and was so happy that children around the world loved the game".

Infamous (Sucker Punch, PlayStation 3): Infamous is something of a departure for developers Sucker Punch, best known for their cartoon series Sly Cooper. Infamous tells the story of an ordinary man who finds he has super powers after an accident in the city he lives in and the city is overrun by chaos and anarchy. He only has an electricity-based power to start with but as the game progresses he will develop more powers. He can also use a cognitive power to see where enemies have been."

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