GamePro Preview: Edge of Twilight

Edge of Twilight is a third-person action-adventure game best described as Legacy of Kain meets Devil May Cry in a steam punk universe. You play as Lex, a half-breed bounty hunter torn between two realms - Day and Night - each changing Lex into two different personas. During the day, Lex is a combat brawler. He carries a gun-blade that doubles as a formidable axe and shotgun, which can be charged up to dismember enemies. During the Night, Lex turns into a creepy Lord of the Rings Golem-type creature that is much more agile. Although there is combat in the Night realm, platforming elements take the center stage as Golem Lex is able to leap much further, grab onto ledges, and even invert the environment to walk on ceilings.

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