E for All 2008: Wrap Up Picture Gallery

Jillian Werner writes:

"We saw a lot of cool, not-so-cool, and even slightly disturbing things at E for All, and then we all came home and got sick. So maybe it wasn't the greatest weekend ever, but we had fun, and it seems like a lot of you guys did, too. GotGame East took home 4th at the MLG WoW tournament; zigzag won the WoW dance-off with a very classy Macarena; Joey beat a five-year-old at Soul Calibur IV and then took his lunch money; Claudia received (stole) more GoW2 swag than any person will need, ever; and I finished a Braid full game speed run to beat my own best (pathetic) time. When not standing at the XBLA station for 40 minutes straight, we (Dom) took a mess of pictures. These are for those of you who didn't attend and want to see what went down, and those who did and are wondering if your mad-picture-ruining-rampage went off as planned. Well, it didn't, awesome giant bunny, but we still love you."

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