Why the ‘PSX wasn’t that great' chatter lacks substance

PlayStation Experience 2017 was different from most conventions. Here's why that's a good thing.

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OB1Biker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

All in all it might be a good turn of event since many were comparing last PSX with E3 and I feel they are very different events.
Also a lot of people think these events are just about a pre show presentation but they are not. Heck many were delibirately ignoring the live stream preceding the E3 presentation because BS. Gaming journalists are also to blame with their usual 'who won' then basing their biased write up on the pre show alone.
Ultimately I think PSX should nt be taken for granted and I hope they don't cancel it.

PhoenixUp364d ago

The conference did what it was set out to do.

Summons75363d ago

Put people to sleep and record devs who look bored as hell sitting on some couches?

Apocalypse Shadow364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Good article that sums up what PSX "IS" and "NOT" what some gamers want it to be.

E3, Tokyo, Paris, Gamescom, etc are trade shows. PSX is a gamer centric show that allows gamers to mingle with developers, go to panels and play some games. Having actually gone to the first event in las vegas, I can *attest* to what it is.

Even though Sony showed upcoming games and exclusives at the event, if you assumed it was an event other that what it was, that's not Sony's fault you have delusions. Especially when they told everyone before hand how the event was to play out.

Again, good article from someone that went. And not hearing ridiculous ideas on what some expected from the Internet.

hulk_bash1987363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Sony set themselves up for that expectation. They really didn't have to stream this PSX if all it was going to be was round table discussions. I enjoyed it myself, but could have waited for a video released after the event. Also why didn't they save the Death Stranding trailer for PSX and not for the Game Awards? That made no sense, it could have debuted before Kojima came out to talk about it.

CrimsonWing69363d ago

Ok but look, last PSX had a similar format to E3. I think it should be like that but just work on balancing announcements between the 2

Poobz363d ago

Could see the doors open, happy people rushing to get a front seat for the best view of upcoming games only to be disappointed by a bunch of seats followed by being bored by talking heads and the big highlight of a VR game. Yes, the wonders of PSX.....

Get a grip. It was poor guys.

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