WorthPlaying Review - 'Warriors Orochi 2'

WorthPlaying: "The long-running Dynasty Warriors by Koei is infamous for its repetitive hack 'n' slash gameplay. Each entry appears to be no different from the previous one, aside from playable character additions and alterations to the story line. Koei even went on to make a couple of spin-off series, Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi, the latter being a fusion of the two other series. Despite the unfavorable critiques, these games still manage to sell very well. The latest entry is the sequel to last year's Warriors Orochi, aptly named Warriors Orochi 2.

Warriors Orochi 2 features many modes of play, but the main focus will be the story mode. Here, you'll play through five different stories that take place during the Three Kingdoms era of China, the Warring States period of Japan, and a separate campaign involving the demon army that follows the serpent king, Orochi; this story line actually predates the plot of the previous game. With the exception of the last story, all of the campaigns involve different armies forming alliances to thwart the resurrection of Orochi."

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