The PS Vita is Shaping Up to Have a Fantastic 2018

"To many gamer’s surprise, the PlayStation Vita is shaping up to have a big 2018. With big publishers like Square Enix and Atlus still supporting the Vita, we’re still finding reasons to pick up our favorite handheld. The PS Vita is getting a slew of upcoming handheld exclusive titles (games released alongside the PS4 versions). Here is a list of the most notable upcoming PS Vita handheld exclusives launching in 2018." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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crazyCoconuts331d ago

I guess good for the Japanese titles. No chance of it getting Rocket League or anything big in the Western world unfortunately.

Sgt_Slaughter330d ago

That's my issue with the Vita's post dropped support lineup. 90% of the titles are anime/manga based which personally doesn't appeal to me or nobody I know. It's great if that's your thing but it's extremely limited now.

vergilxx3327d ago

there are tons of other indie games like souls and sanctuary on it ,
and just because it does not appeal to you , doesn't mean it won't appeal to others , me and my friends are still playing it in UK while my Switch is sitting in a drawer waiting for Bayonetta

arkard330d ago

But it's dead I thought?

porkChop330d ago

It is dead in the West. In Japan it's still holding on. Great system, it just needed a better parent.

Sony chooses to focus entirely on their home consoles, where they excel. And that's smart. But they shouldn't bother with handhelds when they know they can't give the necessary support and resources. Just stick to consoles.

Pancit_Canton330d ago

Vita has Infinite lives. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right X O Select Start.

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The story is too old to be commented.