University Of Akron Introduces eSports Scholarship Program

The University of Akron is the latest university in the USA to introduce an eSports scholarship with the industry growing at a rapid rate.

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Jinger214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

.... really?

I mean, I love gaming, but really?

*You in an interview*

"so where did you go to school at?"
"I got a scholarship to attend University of Akron"
"Oh cool, what was the scholarship? Sports, Art?
"You know... the job position has already been filled. Thank you."

jugo14214d ago

exactly my thoughts hahaha

lptmg214d ago

"hey babe, I was part of my university's team"

"really? were you in the football team? basketball?"

"nah, DOTA"

Heart-hat-ack214d ago

Still beats sociology in my book.

lptmg214d ago

ladies and gentlemen, here are the jocks of the 21st century, sigh...