Ubisoft: Far Cry 2 'more fun' than Call of Duty 4 writes: "Ubisoft has bullishly claimed that upcoming open world safari FPS Far Cry 2 is "more fun" than Infinity Ward's phenomenally successful Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."

"I think it's more fun for everybody," said Far Cry 2 multiplayer producer Richard Gaetan. "In Call of Duty 4, the good guys are always the same, they always play the same way. In Far Cry 2 you cannot do that. You have to adapt, you have to change your strategy. And with the map editor you won't be able to learn your maps, because you have so many and if you want to play with your friends and with different people then you have to switch - it will be a bit of a surprise all of the time. So I think it's more fun."

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THC CELL3482d ago

call of duty 5 claims it will be better than cod 4 so really it should be Vs in that not something that everyone been playing for a year

bomboclaat_gamer3482d ago

i wonder if u can make new maps and share them on xbox live for free. i hope so

rhood0223482d ago

If they do allow it, it will probably be like the supposed MOD support of the 360 version of UT III. MS will take the "best" maps and make those available.

Going by MS' own statements on user generated content though, map sharing over LIVE, especially free map sharing, probably won't happen.

Master Debater3482d ago

I don't see why not, there's a level editor there and Halo 3 did it so why not? Why gimp your version when the competition's version is miles better with user-created content?

tgh machines3482d ago

These maps are being made using the in game map maker on 360, so of course you will be able to share them with people, just like in Halo 3.

thematrix12983482d ago

I think Far Cry 2 will def. be better than COD5 but not sure if how it compares with COD4. But he is editor gives so many possibility therefore one can not learn all the maps.

perseus3482d ago

If Far Cry 2 beats COD5, it beats COD4.

COD5 is just a COD4 mod set in WWII, the only difference being we have to pay for it. This is why I wish more console games had map editors (not like UT3, that requires a PC.)

thematrix12983482d ago

I would prefer PC for map editor though. Much much more easier to work with keyboard/mouse.

THC CELL3482d ago

they did it with the first farcry on xbox so they sure will do it on this

I would of like to of seen better support from the ps3 side like unreal

creeping judas3482d ago

I remember that. If you played your buddies map, you had to DL it to your hard drive. Then you could play it. But I doubt there will be like a "top ten maps" choice out there for the 360 at least.

Cenobia3482d ago

The only thing I'm worried about is being able to see the enemy. From the videos I've seen it seems like people pop out of nowhere. Hopefully that changes when I play for myself.

And they're right about COD4. You always know where the snipers are camping out, and I do often find myself doing the same things depending on the map. I think that made me lose interest after a while (although I'm starting to play COD4 again, which is a testament to its awesomeness). If you really can change the environment like they say, it could be a really great game. I'm interested to see if the console versions get a map editor, and how its implemented. I think there was a PS3 trophy for playing custom maps, so I guess there will at least be maps for download.

On a side note, I'm really disappointed FarCry2 doesn't have co-op. It seems like the perfect game for it. I'm really hoping they add that on (even though there is almost no chance of that happening, ever). I'd even consider paying for co-op mode as DLC if the game is as good as it looks.

perseus3482d ago

There is an editor for all versions.

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