The Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update Could Add Support for HDR Displays

It looks like the upcoming The Witcher 3 Xbox One X update could add support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays after all.

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everlong30d ago

Wow!!! How do I go about this you spam piece of **** :)

maybelovehate30d ago

Oh man, please make it available for PC too.

Alexious30d ago

I'm sure they won't leave anyone behind.

Eonjay30d ago

Exactly, It should be on all PS4s and the Xbox S model as well.

Krysis30d ago

They have not confirmed it yet.

Jackhass30d ago

Already one of the richest-looking games out there -- HDR would really put it over the top.

starchild30d ago

Still one of the best looking games to my eyes. Absolutely love it. And HDR would make it look even better.

Muigi30d ago

Too overpriced and dim to hype up oled my friend. My Sony x900e says hello.

Pantz30d ago

Can't wait, already got it downloaded.

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The story is too old to be commented.