Alone in the Dark: Inferno Details

One of this year's most innovative videogames will get a blazing rework for its PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system debut this November as ATARI ignites Alone in the Dark: Inferno. Development studio Eden Games has responded to the feedback of media and gamers and has turned up the heat to deliver an even more entertaining, immersive and action-packed blockbuster experience for PLAYSTATION3. The hosts of sizzling gameplay enhancements, red-hot content and the hellish storyline have inspired the name Alone in the Dark: Inferno for the ultimate Alone in the Dark experience on PLAYSTATION3 system...

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3509d ago

Impressive work from Atari.Good thing that Phil Harrison is assisting us from the inside

DavidMacDougall3509d ago

Poor bots paid full price for a beta and they fought they where saving money

creeping judas3509d ago

thanks to Phil Harrison, the 360 owners are getting all the fixes from the PS3 version as a DLC patch!!!!

GametimeUK3509d ago


PS3 owners get a crap version of a good game

Alone in the Dark

PS3 oners get a good version of a crap game (or I should say "better" version cos this game doesnt look any good at all)

DavidMacDougall3509d ago

Correction they get a bad demo

Iv seen the finished screenshots they look the same apart from small things not total game overhauls with new name and controls

Condemnedman3509d ago

it will still be the same half finished [email protected]

Elven63509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

I hope this does well so at least the PC and Xbox 360 versions can get some sort of a patch.

If it sells really well and gets good reviews yet not patch comes, I think I can see a law suit of sorts in Atari's future!

blusoops3509d ago

tell that to Valve! lol

supaman900s3509d ago

lmao a lawsuit? Not likely.

Ju3509d ago

Then maybe we should also sue Eidos for no DLC coming our way...its still a studios decision what to release where.

dkgshiz3509d ago

It got horrible reviews. It should just stay on the RROD box. At my local target you can get this game for $6, not even joking. Its a flop.

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The story is too old to be commented.