Overlooked 2017: Prey

Jerry from BagoGames says, "The year 2017 will go down as one of the best gaming years in history, which is a good and bad thing. You can miss games like Prey."

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Sgt_Slaughter357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Prey reviewed worse than the first game and didn't sell well either in comparison, so I think people overlooked it intentionally

Darkwatchman357d ago

The Prey reboot is an incredibly high quality and intricately designed immersive sim in the vein of Deus Ex. Considering how uncommon the immersive sim genre is, having a game like Prey release in the age of lacking creativity and greedy publishers pushing toward more multiplayer focused titles so that they can monetize everything is a breath of fresh air. Prey is a massively complex game with so much player freedom with regard to how you can approach situations and complete objectives. It is a true immersive sim through and through. If it didn’t have the “Prey” name, I guarantee it would have sold better and would DEFINITELY have reviewed significantly better, especially by users. It’s such a well designed game.

camel_toad357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

I couldn't agree more. I thought it was a fantastic game. Like you imply, I actually think the name "Prey" ended up being a detriment to what the game was more than anything else. If you can play the game without attaching it to memories of the old Prey it's 9/10 at the very least. I was engrossed the entire game and that's not something most games pull off for me these days.

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FinalFantasyFanatic357d ago

Played the demo when it was first offered, not surprised people skipped it, supposedly the demo didn't reflect the final product but by that point I already made my choice on whether I'd purchase it.

Darkwatchman357d ago

I didn’t like the demo and stopped playing it, but bought the full game months later knowing that it was an immersive sim, which you didn’t get too much of a sense of in the demo. I’ve now put in over 31 hours in the past week and nowhere near beating it because I’m just dumbfounded at how intricate the experience is and just how much player freedom exists. I’m constantly going off and ignoring objective markers to find out what’s in this room or what happens if I mess around and look over here. Such an excellent game

FinalFantasyFanatic356d ago


Yeah, I heard the demo wasn't a good representation of the final product. I have two friends who bought and enjoyed the game, another who also bought it but didn't get very far in despite being hyped for it.

KilluaX3357d ago

Where have you seen sales numbers?

Sgt_Slaughter357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

VGChartz has it at less than 850,000 units sold globally as of Oct. 28th (granted that doesn't count Steam), and multiple articles stated it had a disappointing launch as well as sale figures early on. I don't personally have an opinion on the game since I'm not interested in the franchise, but from what I've seen it didn't do well at all, especially for a Bethesda published title and a relaunch of an existing franchise.

KilluaX3357d ago

VGChartz is not accurate at all. These headlines also became popular: "Prey bounces back after disappointing launch sales"

It has over 550.000 owners on Steam, so counting the PS4 and Xbox One sales, it may very well have over 2 million copies sold. That's not bad in my opinion.

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Pantz357d ago

Enhance it for Xbox One X and it won't be overlooked.

badz149357d ago


any enhanced games selling better on the X compared to PS4 yet?

Pantz357d ago

Doubtful, Xbox has a lot of catching up to do but it is on the rise. I own Prey for PS4 and even on my Pro it performs badly. An Xbox One X enhanced version would show off the game how it was meant to be played.

Sgt_Slaughter357d ago

Less people bought it on One compared to PS4 so I doubt that audience would care.

Darkwatchman357d ago

It does not run poorly on pro. At one point, there were frameprscing issues across all ps4 systems when the pro patch was brought out, but those have been addressed and it is now a consistent 30 frames per second and feels like every other 30fps game. It’s also a cry engine title, which is a demanding and cpu bound engine, meaning the. Xbox One X will not all of a sudden be targeting 60 for this game, so the performance will be no better than pro for this particular game.

bigmalky357d ago

It's pretty smooth on my Pro too. Looks great as well, and has that slight watercolour effect Arkane are known for.

Pantz357d ago

Every game, even non-enhanced games play best on Xbox One X. I have no doubt that Prey would be any different.

It's 1080p on Pro.

Pantz357d ago

What does sales have anything to do with it? It performs badly in all versions. The only one that would redeem itself would be the Xbox One X Enhanced Version

bigmalky357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

I'm sad to say that I overlooked this too. I did pick it up a few days ago though, and it's held my interest more than most games I've played this year.

It's like the modern Deus Ex. So much to explore, unravel and discover, while there's very little hand-holding and a lot of choice on how to progress.

It also has one of the most impressive atmospheres this year. Maybe not as much as Hellblade, but it keeps you on your toes.

I recommend it to anyone who misses games where you have to use your mind to overcome enemies and the environment... Seems like there's few of those left now.

Also, if you read the article, I would ignore the part about using a guide. It's much more immersive to explore and find neuromods for a sense of reward for exploration and solving environmental puzzles by yourself. No idea why people spoil their enjoyment of a game to reach the end.

Xack357d ago

Prey was the biggest disappointment of 2017. I love Arkane and their work with Dishonored but this was such a let down. Give me Human Head's vision any day of the week.

KilluaX3357d ago

"Unfortunately this title wasn’t as financially successful as it was critically received."

Source? It has over 550.000 owners just on Steam.

KilluaX3357d ago

You can downvote me all you want, but that doesn't mean that you are right ;)

This game was financially successful, accept it. ;)

Trubills356d ago

That's a bad assumption. Prey has been on sale multiple times for deep discounts, so you can't just assume 550,000 people paid full price for it. On top of that, the only reason I have the game was because it was thrown in as a bundle when I bought my Vega. I would say a good chunk of those steam owners are in the same boat. That doesn't mean the game was financially successful.

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