My Bizarre Top 5 Favorite Pokemon

"I don’t usually make listicle articles/videos, but seeing that I am a new member to the Enthusiast Gaming team, I wanted to make this one to give a little insight to me and my favorite game franchise, Pokémon.

Like many, Pokémon is a franchise from Nintendo that I hold very close to my heart and have loved since I was a young child. From the iconic theme song of the TV show to the competitive battling scene from the game. Every generation brings not only new features that keep me constantly returning to the series, but a slew of brand new Pokémon to meet. As of right now, there are eight-hundred and seven of these Pocket Monsters, so trying to pick a top five list was a lot more difficult than I had originally thought. To help narrow down the selection, I used few different categories to help: Their competitive use, design, and the Pokemon that I just love for my own selfish reasons. Without further ado, here is my top 5 favorite Pokémon." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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Grown ass people still play pokemon?