Bethesda's Fallout vs Black Isle Studio's Fallout writes: "With Fallout 3 almost upon us, we thought that now might be a good time to compare how the game plays with the two original, Black Isle developed Fallout games from the late nineties. We've not played the full thing, of course - but having clocked up seven hours of exploration we've now seen enough to make some general comparisons. For the sake of simplicity, we're going to focus on the previous Fallout RPGs, rather than the squad-based Fallout: Tactics or the frankly embarrassing Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel."

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Captain Tuttle3387d ago

There's some spoilers on the second page of that article

mepsipax3387d ago

Doesn't sound too bad, but still. I don't think I even miss the view, I think I miss the great 2d environments, they were so detailed and awesome. And also Bethesda is terrible, just terrible at animating characters, look at all the animations, the melee weapon animations on the enemies are taken straight from oblivion, and hopefully Bethesda fixed the problem with the non consistent dialogue, like people switching voice actors, or the tone of the character changing with each line of dialogue, and if this is taking the more serious route than I'll be disappointed because I really loved the humor in fallout 2.
Oh and as a last note I hope Bethesda puts the funny quotes credits like they had in the original fallouts.

Harry1903387d ago

Fallout 3's animation are really horrible. I don't think it has anything left of the previous Fallouts except the main themes and settings.