Aonuma Confirms That The Team Are Hard At Work On Next Zelda Title

Source Gaming: Aonuma confirms that work on the next Zelda has already begun.

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Neonridr279d ago

wow.. so expect to see it in like 4 years :P

NecrumOddBoy279d ago

BOTW was in development for years. It was a Wii U port. I am sure they have been developing a new Zelda for over a year now.

Neonridr279d ago

depends on if the same team was responsible for any of the DLC or not.

3-4-5278d ago

The main core has been working on the next LoZ game since it was finished back in Jan or so. So basically for about a year they have been working on the game.

That means they are well on their way and since it's developed for the Switch hopefully with a new engine it should look and run even better than Botw.

I'd say we get it in 2020 most likely.

They've been working on it for all of 2017, and then 2018,2019, and should release in 2020.

278d ago
TheColbertinator279d ago

Calling it now,Zelda and Link will both look much older.

rockwhynot278d ago

I hope so, I love seeing fictional characters grow up.

MaxiPower90278d ago

hopefully your weapons dont break and the game isn't overrated.

Movefasta1993278d ago

And a decent story ,because it doesn’t even have that

PCgamer98278d ago

I'd be more surprised if they aren't making one.

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