Great One Beast Is a Bloodborne Boss You Never Got to Fight

Gamers recently discovered a an interesting piece of cut Bloodborne content: a nearly complete boss enemy that likely would have roamed the Chalice Dungeon.

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Nodoze362d ago

Where oh where is Bloodborne 2.... VERY surprised there has been no sequel, or even a sequel announcement yet.

aarogree362d ago

For all we know that cryptic "Shadows die twice" trailer WAS the announcement for Bloodborne 2.

raWfodog362d ago

It's possible but now I'm more inclined to think that was a Tenchu teaser. The kanji, hidden kunai, and reference to 'shadow' is now leading me in that direction.

aarogree362d ago

I dunno, raWfodog. Seems a bit of a stretch to me.

raWfodog360d ago

I'd like a new Bloodborne as well but there's also plenty of credible evidence out there for it to be more than a stretch. Here are just a few links:

"From Software first used “Shadows Die Twice” in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, a game they co-developed and published in 2003."

"Secondly the phrase “Shadows Die Twice” could refer to Ninjas. It is not uncommon for Ninjas to be called “Shadows” and indeed the title of the last Tenchu game was “Shadow Assassins”. Or it could be referring to the main villain in Shadow Assassins, Onikage, that is killed not once, but 2 times at the end of the game (Onikage literally translates to “Shadow Demon”). He is seen dying and then rising from the dead. “Shadows Die Twice” could be referring to that."