The Best Video Game Art Direction of 2017

Twinfinite Writes: 2017 has seen quite a few games that sport phenomenal art direction and visual styles. Here's who comes out on top this year.

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jamiethepayne36d ago

I like that every time a Zelda series oes cel-shaded, it still looks different to what they've done before. And man.... Persona is good, but the winner has got to be Cuphead!

Sono42134d ago

Holy crap Gravity Rush 2 came out this year? That seemed so long ago. That game needs to get talked about more, it's fantastic. Plus the free Raven DLC. Man those guys deserve something, and the soundtrack.. damn I might go play that real quick.

Relientk7736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Persona 5, even just the game menus. The whole game has fantastic colors and visual style. What phenomenal art direction.

Razzer36d ago

Agree. Persona 5 has incredible style.

zenocreator36d ago

Toss up between Cuphead and Persona for me

Miss_Vixen36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Persona for me. Love how everything is stylized, even just the menus. The word dull never comes to mind when looking at it.

michellelynn097636d ago

Zelda, Gravity Rush, Persona, Xenoblade, Mario and Cuphead looked like works of art to me.

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