Why The Last of Us is a Game About Love

The Last of Us doesn’t immediately seem to be about love. But if you dig a little deeper, that assertion couldn’t be truer. Even through its violence and despair, love is at the core of The Last of Us – almost blatantly so. It just needs to be looked at in the right light.

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NewMonday363d ago

that is the most obvious thing, the slow growth of the bond between them as they go through difficult situation and discover more about each other is masterfully paced.

ravinash362d ago

That's one thing Games have over Movies is the pacing.
You can't make a relationship develop like that in a 2 hour time frame with the same effect.

pandehz362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Yes you can.

If games can summarize years into hours, so can movies and so can books.

In fact they learned it all from the movies.

rainslacker362d ago

I always felt it was a story about Joels redemption and path back to humanity. Obviously, it was love that got him there.

Ceaser9857361362d ago

This game was one of the best game last gen and The Best exclusive last gen... LOU 2 gonna be on another level and will be 2019 GOTY... called it...

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corroios363d ago

The story was very cool. It was a game that i didnt wanted do end. One of the biggest new IP from Sony and probably best IP from last gen. Even this Gen i dont see anything better. The bar will be very high for TLOU2. ND will have a very hard time.

DaNineTwo362d ago

Naughty Dog will deliver though. They always do. Ima buy a PS4 for Part 2

badz149362d ago

I'm not a fan of horror games or movies....but because ND developed TLoU, I wanted to play it and as expected, I suck at horror survival game but I kept playing due to the engaging story. I shed tears several times (HONEST TO GOD) during the duration of the game. no game had had the same impact as TLoU like EVER! the event of Sarah, Tess, Henry & Sam are heavy to the emotions! and that man once is not enough!

the expectations for TLoU2 is sky high and understandably so. can't wait for it. In ND we trust

Imalwaysright362d ago

It's not a horror survival game.

badz149362d ago

I know it's not specifically in that genre but for me, close enough. You see...I can't even push myself to play Zombi, the Wii U port. Horror or thriller is just not my thing. Remember Alan Wake? That first creepy shadow guy on top of the stairs in the beginning? Yeah...I stopped playing there! In TLoU, Those clickers scared the shit out of me, man...I was suprised myself that I finished it. The reason I didn't platinum TLoU was because I'm too scared to play it the 2nd time LOL.

FallenAngel1984362d ago

Pretty much the only reason the first game did not have a downer ending (just a very bitter sweet ending) was that, basically, Ellie lived and showed herself to be a decent person in spite of everything that happened to her.

The second game's teaser - just the teaser!! - shoots that all to hell by revealing Ellie has become just as cold, bitter, angry, unstable and violent as Joel regretted becoming. Retroactively, the first game is now Ellie's start of darkness!

rainslacker362d ago

Ellie killed several people in the story of TLOU. She routinely went apeshit crazy on others trying to kill Joel, stabbing them several times in the neck. She went through and killed several groups of people during her chapters, and it wasn't like you could stealth through all those points.

Both Joel and Ellie were both decent people. But the story itself was more about Joel than Ellie. Joel lost his humanity due to his daughters death, and became cynical because of his experience with Tommy and the fireflies. But his journey with Ellie brought him back to humanity. The ending was morally ambiguous, because to many, the right thing would have been to allow them to try and find a cure, however, based on the relationship built during the game, and the building of empathy for the characters, made you happy the two got to stay together in the end.

The one teaser shown with Ellie doesn't show what happened. It may not even be part of the game.

I think it's way too soon to assume the story of TLOU. ND has a habit of not making everything as obvious as it may be on the surface.

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