Frame Rate Should Trump Fidelity on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

The battle for console dominance should be measured in frames-per-second and not 4K eye candy.

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Sciurus_vulgaris365d ago

I think frame rate should trump resolution. There has been an over obsession with resolution since the start of this Gen. However, none of the current console have a beefy enough CPU to consistently deliver 60 FPS.

KillBill364d ago

What are you talking about? Most FPS multiplayer experiences are 60fps on console. It's simply up to the Dev to utilize consoles powers.

Sciurus_vulgaris364d ago

By “Consistently deliver 60 FPS”, I mean nearly all games, regardless of level size or mode. Consoles, currently don’t have many 60 FPS singleplayer games. I do agree with you some devs don’t use hardware as well as others. I am currently playing through Prey (2017); the game feels and looks plain unoptimized.

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Shiken364d ago

There is nothing wrong with 30fps for base PS4, X1, and Switch. However I would much rather preder 1080/60 on PSPro and X1X. Res is the most overrated aspect in gaming today IMO.

At the very least give us the option of performance or 4k. I mean it is not like these consoles are not running on 86x, so PC like settings should not be much of a stretch to deliver.

PhantomTommy364d ago

Maybe it's difficult and costly to implement, but I'd love to see more console games giving the player the choice like Nioh did. As soon as I booted it up, I switched it to performance mode and never changed it because that's what's important to me, and guys who don't mind sacrificing frames for that 1080p resolution with less aliasing are catered for too. Everybody's happy.

rainslacker364d ago

I agree. It's rare where 30 frames over 60 would make much difference to me and i prefer better pictures. That doesnt mean higher resolution all the time, just better image quality.

Overall, can't go wrong with offering both.

Themba76364d ago

i went resolution because i can't stand looking at jaggies

corroios364d ago

With a jag CPU, 60 frames locked its very hard to achieve.... maybe next gen they go for a more powerfull CPU.

ILostMyMind364d ago

Doesn't matter the CPU. Developers will always use processing power for graphics and maintain the 30fps.

Krysis364d ago

Hopefully, the gpu could be a step up from the one x and the CPU could be next gen and 4K 60 should be reasonable.

ceooflhm364d ago

I'd rather higher frame rates including on base consoles because I don't care about a few extra defined blades of grass or pores on a characters face. Even if I had a 4K TV it would not matter. Good Visuals don't equal a good game. Good mechanics and a smooth frame rate over visually polished turds are always funner, which is what gaming USED to be.

KwietStorm364d ago

Exactly. The funniest part is it's these underpowered consoles that are chasing these graphics, when they're never going to catch PCs in the first place. Why not focus on a smoother gameplay experience?

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The story is too old to be commented.