FIFA 09 sells whopping 1.2 mil in first week

Fastest selling FIFA of all time.

FIFA 09 has sold over 1.2 million copies in Europe in one week.

The astonishing number makes the 09 edition the fastest selling FIFA game of all time.

"FIFA Soccer 09's great kick-off is a testament to our loyal fans across Europe who simply can't wait to get their hands on the game," said Peter Moore, President of EA Sports.

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Arsenal4Ever3567d ago

Yep and it didnt even get it's release in US and Japan till at least October 14th.

EA producing some good poo finally.

Anton Chigurh3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

it's really nice to see the biggest game publisher / deve in the right track

next stop is gonna be Dead space

highdro3567d ago

i wonder how many pro will sell in its first week...!!!

bullet4myv3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Yeah. This year i decided to swap from pes to fifa.

Last fifa game i played was like 98'


was worldwide soccer for the sega genesis

Harry1903567d ago

football game. And no, it was not.