IGN: TGS 2008: Killzone 2 Update

Ryan Clements from IGN writes:

"If you've been eagerly anticipating the next Killzone game, you might have been hoping for some more news to filter out of TGS, but (sadly) that's not the case. I took the time to swing by the Killzone 2 area to see if any new content was being displayed, but the Japanese audience was only privileged to see the same level we've been playing for months.

In case you haven't been keeping up to date on all your Killzone info, Killzone 2 is the upcoming first-person shooter from Guerilla Games that continues to document the ISA's brutal fight against the glowing-eyed Helghast. One of the first missions players will take on begins with Sev and his team dropping down on a beach and making their way through a Helghast infested series of buildings. As soon as the opening cutscene began to play, I already knew exactly where the demo was going and I guess that's okay in the end -- Killzone 2 is still highly entertaining and visceral."

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highdro3566d ago

for f sake show me a brand new level alerday. i dont want to read ur update. show me something new!!!!!!!!...

its still the best looking game to date ;-D

Fishy Fingers3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Lot of games between now and Killzone. Probably don't want to steal any thunder away from them. But yeah. Something new would be great, or how about a f***ing beta key!?!

Still 2 days to go though, right? Maybe.... Something...?

I_killed_TheMart3566d ago

No new level? nothing else shown? same fukin preview over and over again, and not to mention theres no change in this latest build if it even is the latest friggin build which no one knows for sure yet, guerilla games are going fail with this game just like how they failed with last one, And to be quite frank... i think they made a mistake buying guerilla games! So i have a question to everyone here and i mean EVERYONE THAT JUST READ THIS POST....What are you guys going to think when killzone 2 gets reviews of 8/10 or less? because anything under 9 is concidered not a AAA...tell me plz fukin tell me so i can laugh at all ur excuses.