PUBG for Xbox One Debuts at #4 Spot in UK's Weekly Chart

PUBG for Xbox One managed to grab the 4th spot in last week's UK chart, just below Call of Duty: WWII, FIFA 18 and Star Wars Battlefront II.

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Jide332d ago

That's impressive. I hope players keep enjoying it.

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TheVetOfGaming332d ago

I'd like to play it, but I don't/wouldn't own an Xbox, and I don't own a PC. Happy for those who are enjoying it.

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Destiny1080332d ago

I don't think your missing much but it will be on ps4 this time next year

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Pickledpepper332d ago

I've just watch the YouTube you posted quite funny but I can honestly say I've had none of these issues shown as of yet.

ThinkThink332d ago

I hope so. The more people the better. Should be nice and polished by then.

Ukgamer332d ago

I was surprised how different PUBG and Fortnite other than the obvious game mode they are both really good in different ways

Strafe332d ago

Fornite is shit. Absolutely nothing like it.

ThinkThink332d ago

We need more people like you here :)

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ninsigma332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

I honestly don't understand how the game is as popular as it is. It looks terrible and performs worse. Strange to me. However the three games that beat it is saddening.

Edit: Spelling

mafiahajeri332d ago

Yeah haven't you heard? The UK don't stand for BS practices 😂😂😂

It's really fun played with friends. This isn't a AAA game, nor is it trying to be. I would suggest giving it a go if you're into shooters.

I had the exact same view looking back at games like Dayz, and H1Z1.

ninsigma332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

I definitely wanna give it go a just to try out. I enjoy fornite battle royale and ironically the only reason I played that game was because of the PUBG devs complaining about it xD
However, I don't want to spend 30 euro on it. It's not something I want to invest money in. I'm sure there will be a free weekend some time at which point I'll definitely jump on to check it out.

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mcstorm332d ago

@ninsigma tbh the same can be said for any game. I don't get why people like Minecraft but millions love it. Its the same with GTA, COD they are just not games I am into and I don't think look to good to. Its each to there own and at the end of the day if people are enjoying the game then whats to hate let people enjoy what they want and we can enjoy what we want to.

OB1Biker332d ago

It's understandable why kids like minecraft tbh.

ninsigma332d ago

Not hating. Just wondering.

mcstorm332d ago

OB1biker it's understandable why people love all the games I put but those games are just not for me. I really liked titanfall but can't get into the 2nd game it feels to slow. Just like i love racing games the most but can't get into project cars or the crew but love forza ms, horozon, GT, Dirt and F1. It's just each to there own. Like who owns a PS4, Xbox one or swith, or Android phone or phone. We all like different things and some people prefer one thing more than others. I lived split/second last gen but could not get into blur for example.

Atanasrikard332d ago


I don't think you understand how many adults actually play Minecraft.

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Yohshida332d ago

You should watch the video if you really dont know. It explains why the game is so thrilling to play:

XbladeTeddy332d ago

"I honestly don't understand how the game is as popular as it is."

Neither did I until I tried it, finally won my first chicken dinner and now play it whenever possible.

NXFather332d ago

decent concept with max height. Domino effect.

nowitzki2004332d ago

Play it and you will see. Fortnite is cool but nothing compared to PUBG

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Ukgamer332d ago

Do these charts include digitally downloads? Or is it just physical sales?

Wikkid666332d ago

Preview games don't release on disc.

Ra3v3r332d ago

It's had a "physical" release in the UK but really all you're getting is a code in a box. Even the supermarkets here are pushing it as are stores like Argos. Everyone jumping on the bandwagon. No doubt it's the same worldwide. I'm aware it's in preview but I do feel the way some of these places are marketing it is gonna have people convinced it's a final release and some are gonna be disappointed.

Kribwalker332d ago

digital sales won’t be counted on these charts until January 2019

KilluaX3332d ago

Not sure why you have been downvoted. That's true.