IGN: TGS 2008: Infinite Space Preview

SEGA proudly displayed a slew of Nintendo DS games this year and one of the more popular titles was Patinum Games' Infinite Space. When this game was first revealed in May it was described as resembling a Star Trek type experience where players could captain and customize their own ship. Today IGN saw what they meant.

Although the intro was entirely in Japanese, IGN was able to advance through the game's prologue which has players control one of the most powerful ships in the universe. The combat is very much inspired by naval battles where there are general attacks that have a high percentage of hitting and more specific shots that will likely miss their targets but can inflict huge amounts of damage. The camera can be moved from the bridge of your vessel to various views of the ships you encounter in the cosmos. The bottom screen shows a map of the ship's functions while the top screen displays the action. It truly is an epic undertaking on such a tiny device.

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PS360WII3514d ago

"There was no inspiration for the system because I am a genius, I thought of it myself"

ha awesome :) Sounds neat and a very long game.