SoulCalibur VI's New Screenshots Show Sophitia and Mitsurugi in Action; New Characters Confirmed

Bandai Namco shows Soul Calibur VI's Sophitia and Mitsurugi in action, and confirm that the game will include new characters.

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343_Guilty_Spark157d ago

Wonder if Ivy’s Breast will be a new character. They’re larger than life.

NoPeace_Walker157d ago ShowReplies(2)
hyabusha157d ago

I can't wait to enjoy them again. :)

343_Guilty_Spark157d ago

They are filled with Soulicone.

BadElf157d ago

These games don't get dumb-down for PC liberals, right? Meaning...the breasts and sexy bits?

Cyborgg157d ago

I like the PS4 controller better for fighting games. Especially the directional pad. Xbox elite controller is great for first person shooters like Halo

darthv72157d ago

If all I had was a game pad then yeah I'd say the PS pad is pretty good but I can also play fighters with the xb pad. Many say they can't but it can be done.

when it comes to fighting games and shmups... I prefer a stick. It takes me back to my youth in the arcades and modern sticks are more versatile than single platform types. I have a really nice one that works with both ps and xb platforms that would do well with this game.

hyabusha157d ago ShowReplies(2)
Imalwaysright157d ago

I'm crossing my fingers for it to have a game mode similar to SC3 chronicles of the sword.

VTKC157d ago

How can revisiting a time line have new characters?

gangsta_red157d ago

Seriously, I always hated prequels or revisiting original stories that added new characters that were never established or new moves or weapons, etc, etc, etc.

Just do the excuse of a reboot and my mind can process it more easily and calm my nerd continuity rage.

blackblades157d ago

Stupid question, cause there are billions of people in that world. Alot of warriors, that could been involved but showed off scene etc.

DialgaMarine157d ago

I seriously hope there are console exclusive characters again. Kratos or Aloy would be perfect for this.

gangsta_red157d ago

New bearded Kratos would fit pretty perfect with the SC universe.

DialgaMarine157d ago

How? They don’t even have melee attacks, let alone melee weapons lol

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