The Doomsday Heist Was Reportedly Single Player DLC First

GTA 5 Cheats writes that "the Doomsday Heist may be the legacy of the canceled Story DLC".

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zaspohuspi360d ago

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-Foxtrot360d ago

Lol so they said single player dlc wasn’t needed yet they worked on one anyway

Rockstar are such lying c****

JackBNimble360d ago

So complain about your free dlc... So if rockstar would profit more with yet another free update /dlc then charging money for single player dlc... then what does that tell you?
Personally I hope RDR2 updates mirror that of Gta5.

-Foxtrot360d ago

Lol I couldn’t care if it’s free, dosent mean it’s off the table for criticism

Besides the free DLC is for the online...who gives a shit

Patricko360d ago

It's free if you have tons of money in game... If not than R* says "screw you, buy more sharkcards." Online is massive Pay2Win... Too bad mass media are too much focused on EA and Bungie lately when the real greed is right here.

JackBNimble360d ago

It's not pay to win, you can buy all the shark cards you want but if you haven't put time in the game and leveled up, you wouldn't have been able to unlock guns or upgrades to cars. Even dam paint needs to be unlocked.
I have never put a single penny to micro transactions but I love the online game so I play it and that is why I have everything.
But the option is there for people to pay and because of that the updates are free.

Benoski360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

So, they basically started making it as single-player DLC, but when Online became such a huge success, they were pressured to make it multiplayer instead?


HarryCeramics360d ago

At least now we know what Red Dead Online will be like