Black Desert Online Gameplay Trailer Shows New Class in Action

Black Desert Online is getting a new class named the Lahn, and today they showcased how she fights in a brand new gameplay trailer.

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Lexreborn2365d ago

If only whenever I go to play this game the servers weren't packed

PS3_Noob365d ago

We need Chinese martial arts game. Why everyone wants to make games with guns

BenjaMan64365d ago

Jade Empire could have been a great Martial Arts RPG series... but Bioware abandoned it for Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

gangsta_red365d ago

I'm interested to try this game ever since I saw its debut on PC. But since then all Ive heard is that the game is a grind fest and is only pretty to look at.

Not a fan of MMO's but I'll give this game a shot.

chofrothod359d ago

Don't bother. Even though they charge for the English version (because BS), this game is, at its core, a F2P, which means it's a pay2win grindfest.
If you wanna try it, I suggest getting a patched Korean or Russian client. Do not pay for something that's free.

chofrothod359d ago

P2W garbage. Unless you get an English-patched Korean or Russian client (unlike us, everyone else plays for FREE), stay far away.