IGN: TGS 2008: Hands-on Arc Rise Fantasia

Marvelous was prominently featuring Arc Rise Fantasia at its TGS booth this year. The traditional Japanese role-playing game is looking really nice, busting with giant monsters, some slick special effects, and attractive ladies. It comes by way of the team that created the strategy RPG Luminous Arc. Today IGN spent some time getting a feel for the battle mechanics and wandered around the overworld doing some light puzzle solving. The game "feels" a lot like Final Fantasy. The story has something to do with dragons invading the land and pushing the territories to the brink of war. It's up to the player and their band of pals to vanquish the dragons and set things right.

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PS360WII3424d ago

Sounds like it's shaping up nicely and over 70% done.

I like that it's turn based too! Along with the crystals in the battle field that you can attack rather then the enemy for a boost of sorts. Might not hit them for every battle but it'll have it's uses.

dib8rman3424d ago

I love small developer projects, especially on DS and Wii, they show a lot of soul in most cases.. or passion could be the right word. Then we get sequals like NMH2. ^_^

kesvalk3424d ago

yea, small devs have a lot moer passion for the games...

it must be like ppl say "money blinds"