Greenberg takes Tokyo: Japanese third-parties have shifted "from the PlayStation brand to Xbox 360?

Xbox production head Aaron Greenberg has claimed that the Japanese games publishing market has undergone a "tremendous shift" towards Xbox 360, with third-party publishers now looking to the Microsoft machine to get out of Japan and into the West.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3565d ago

Someone should just cuff his hands behind his back and hang him from the wrists from the top of the statue of liberty.

Says you3565d ago

Considering there are 3 exclusive RPG for PS3 that are actually good this guy is a joke Japanese developers are still making games for PS3 where is the so called proof in that case Kojima himself would've insisted of making Metal Gear Solid 4 would have been on there system and to think XBox 360 fans are protecting these moronic dongs to death there worse then any corporation in the world and oh I guess the guy from tecmo is switching to XBox 360 to PS3?!.

Darkseider3565d ago

is working overtime! Whatever this clown can spin to make Xbox 360 look good he has/does and will continue to. The best is the XBox outselling the PS3 in Japan which is my personal favorite. A console half the price of its' competitor outsells it by 1,000 units last week while the PS3 had its' LOWEST sales week in Japan, ever. Now if it outsold it 2:1 or better than yes bragging rights are indeed warranted.

Now onto the using the XBox 360 to grow their market. Um yeah, that's it. After the holiday season is over and Q1 2009 when LBP and Resistance 2 sell more PS3 in a month than the XBox will sell the entire quarter we'll see what spin they put on it. Right now I am comfortable in knowing that the PS3 is set for market preference due to excellent first party titles and REAL exclusive 3rd party titles.