IGN: TGS 2008: Hands-on Dodonpachi

Daemon Hatfield from IGN writes:

"Strolling through Microsoft's booth at the Tokyo Game Show this year was a lot like a dark, smoky Japanese arcade. Everywhere you looked were classic, manic shoot 'em ups; the kind that fill the entire screen with bullets and then sit back to laugh at the player. Some were slick and new, but a couple were direct ports of older titles that were clearly from a different graphical era. Nestled in between Mirror's Edge and Star Ocean: The Last Hope was Dodanpachi, one of the greatest shooters ever to grace Japanese arcades and shun the West: Do-Don-Pachi Dai-ou-jou Black Label X. Revered by fans of the genre, the Dodanpachi series is the epitome of hardcore bullet dodging. If you haven't experienced it you really owe it to yourself to take a spin in the cockpit -- but you probably never will. Microsoft representatives simply cocked their heads like confused puppies when we asked if Dodanpachi (or any of the shooters at their booth) would be brought to the U.S."

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Sanjuro3450d ago

"Black Label isn't up to the graphical standards of the recent Raiden IV (or even Ikaruga)"

Err, what!? Oh; I forgot, polygons equal good graphics.

Anyhow, I can't wait for Dodonpachi DOJ Black Label to be released, hope it's a good port.