Everything EA Did Wrong in 2017

EA is surely going to be on Santa’s naughty list this year

WTMG's Leo Faria writes, "EA’s 2017 was something else. This was a year filled with controversial company decisions, PR disasters, disappointing releases, and much more. Given the fact we at WTMG are currently in a Christmas-esque mood, we’ve decided to list all the reasons Electronic Arts is most likely going to end up on Santa’s naughty list this year."

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SlySouls363d ago

They fu**ed up like crazy this year.

PapaBop362d ago

This time around though, their greed has really cost them. They probably were expecting to challenge COD this year with Battlefront 2, look how that turned out. Couldn't happen to a more deserving publisher.

SlySouls362d ago

Hopefully it sends a message to other publishers and developers that there are lines that shouldn't be crossed.

Rude-ro362d ago

Funny how you mention cod with their p2w loot boxes, something that has been in the game for several years, when in fact that is what causes all the fuss over battlefront.

indyman7777362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

@PapaBop ....:"Couldn't happen to a more deserving publisher." haha!!! very well said.

I said WHAT when I read this one. "FIFA 18 on the Switch"...try FIFA 18 on EVERY CONSOLE. Fix it!

Sono421361d ago

Someone quick take a screen cap! The N4G community actually collectively agreeing on something thus leading to 4 comments in a row with 0 dislikes! Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

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Jinger363d ago

EA was fine. Stop picking on them.

Jinger363d ago

Y'all just hop on the hate train. Every publisher closes studio's or has to cancel games. More and more games include MT's, people are buying them more than ever.

ravinash362d ago

EA are getting the hate because we tell them what we want, but their more interested in what their market analysis say about what tactics they can use to squeeze more money out of the customer after the sale has been done.
We want different experiences, and EA keep telling us we only want to play multi player games which is covenant for pushing their micro transactions.

vfl523362d ago

@Jinger And you just hop on the short bus.

EdwardNigma561362d ago

That type of thinking is why they're doing what they're doing.

remixx116362d ago

Exactly this, people defend them and they just love JACKASSES like him. Bet he'll buy plenty of MTand cut content.

Jinger362d ago

Doing what exactly? Fixing their games because of public outlash? Providing a very fun Battlefront game and releasing free content? Giving us TF2? Investing in IP's they could have easily thrown away like Mirrors edge?

Sure, they cancelled a very popular game in the star wars universe. Shit happens. Yes they want to include MT's in games because people freaking buy them.

Jinger362d ago (Edited 362d ago )


I have never bought a MT in my life. Also all content for BF2 is free. Soooo

Bleucrunch362d ago

I think we have a difference of opinion, you seem to be ok with EA and their tactics and others are not. That is fine because you may purchase their products and others may not, that is fine too. I am liking how the consumer for once is speaking out when they feel like they are getting the big stiffy.

EA's actions were certainly arrogant and a response was needed. If the consumers generally do not want MT's and EA places them in there (just one of their many many screw ups) then the consumer has a right to purchase or not purchase them. I would not call that picking on them, I would call it a consumer being informed.

Jinger362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I have no problems with consumers rights to speak about them and choose not to buy their games. That's exactly how a free market should work.

But I also have the right to say that I feel that EA garners a lot of extra hate just because it's EA and a lot of gamers hop on that hate train (even though their games still make the top charts). It's the same shit like Activision and CoD, everyone loves to hate it, but looky here... it's #1 in the sales charts almost every effing year.

rainslacker361d ago

EA is getting even more hate over this because it actually got traction. The community has been complaining for over a decade about EA's actions, and all they have done is ignored the complaints, or acted condescendingly towards those that had complaints. If EA didn't bother to address the community the way they did this time, it probably would have died down like it always does.

It's not that the hate is new or misplaced, it's that it actually started something, and when people who have been shut out for so long finally get their foot in the door, they do all they can to make sure they drive their point home to try and swing that door wide open.

Sure, everyone is free to express their opinion, but you in particular(Jinger, not OP) have also tried to act like the people that complain do not have valid complaints, so it's rather hypocritical to now act like you are all for open dialogue, when it seems more like you just want this to go away.

If you approached this from the point of view that others aren't held to the same standard from the start, that's one thing, but you're trying to dismiss the "hate" because "other companies do it too".

EA gets a lot of extra hate across the board, because of all the things that gamers complain about routinely that have infected our hobby, EA has either been the one's who started it, or taken those things to the extreme in an effort to pad their bottom line.

Retard362d ago

Rarely has a company killed two of my most beloved franchises within a short window - all while saying “Single player games are out”

RIP- Dead Space, Mass Effect.

Jinger362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Mass effect should have ended with 3 when the main crew split off and started on Anthem. EA just wanted to milk it more so they threw a B team on it to bust out a quick cash grab. I dont even recognize Andromeda.

Dead Space ran it's course also with 3 games, although the 3rd one seriously lacked the same focus and quality as the first 2.

Bleucrunch362d ago

@Jinger, the hate that EA has received do you not think that they have earned it? The games may be #1 in the charts as you say but I would imagine that those sales are mostly casual gammers as the hardcore gamers are the ones that have the disdain for EA.

I am a hardcore gamer that loath EA. I was one of those gamers that used to wait on line for midnight just to purchase Madden video games, I was one of those gamers that could not stop playing medal of honor, NBA live, Road Rash, FIFA, James Bond, The Sims, Rock Band the list goes on and on. These days I had significantly limited my EA purchases to just Mass Effect (They screwed that up) and Dragon Age (They will probably screw that up).

Their decisions over the past 20 years have been disappointing to say the least, everything from being the exclusive NFL partner for football Video Games (effectively wiping out competition) to the milking of great franchises just for the sake of making money. Paying $65 every year for releases of games that were just a roster update or a different color job. I felt like my money was just going into their pockets and they were not treating their vast game library with the TLC that they used to.

This is why I do not support EA as much and have limited it to basically one game with Dragon Age which based on the way they are moving they will ultimately SCREW UP. And EA wants me to spend my hard earned money on these lack luster uninspiring, lazily developed video games...NO THANK YOU.

Jinger362d ago

That's fine. I'm not asking you to support every game they make. I don't buy all their games either, but I'm not going to pretend like all they do is pump out shit games over and over.

I really enjoyed many of their games over the past 20 years. Battlefield, Titanfall 2, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, The occasional Madden, NFS, Fight Night, Dragon Age, Unravel, Army of Two, Tiger Woods, Crysis 3, Medal of Honor, Shank 2... I mean I could go on for a long time. Have they made as many mistakes as successes? Sure, but I'm not going to act like all they do is eff up. I'm also really looking forward to A Way Out and Anthem as well.

Takwin362d ago

You have lost the internet for one day. It would be fantastic if egregiously stupid comments on the internet would immediately disable that person's internet for 24 hours, except for 911 emergency calls.

Jinger362d ago

At least mine is on topic.

Bleucrunch361d ago

what on earth are you talking about? He provided his opinion, he didn't insult any and all the responses have been respectful and contribute towards the debate, unlike someone else who takes the time to articulate his/her opinion in an effort to derail the conversation into something that is completely off topic.

Where I am from we call people like you TROLLS. If you do not have anything to that will contribute to this fine debate (and a needed one) then be an adult and DO NOT HIT SEND!!!

Imalwaysright362d ago

I'm posting this video so that hopefully you'll take inspiration from it and make one of your own

Jinger362d ago

Hahaha I knew someone would make this joke.

OB1Biker362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

We all know what EA are like and I think your defending the wrong part here. Just like many gamers are hating on the wrong part in hating games and gamers playing it.
It obvious to me that gamers keep on the hate train about SWBF because its convenient way to let EA know they are out of touch. its great that a lot of change was forced on the game before launch and that's thanks to all gamers. Not just the ones hating and 'boycotting' but also thanks to gamers who enjoy the game and keep giving feedback to improve it. Most gamers clearly say they dont like loot crates and I hope future update will minimize their function with a simplified and straightforward progression
Like you mention, many other games have MT but many gamers keep focussing their anger on one game that has no MT since launch.

Steveoreno1362d ago

Hey it's jinger. The internet PR manager at EA.

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yumi76362d ago

You got the title wrong, I think you meant to say "EA did everything wrong in 2017"

FullmetalRoyale362d ago

We'll also accept “Everything bad that happened in 2017 was caused by EA.”

Rude-ro362d ago

And has been happening in other games for a lot longer...
The attack on ea is a blessing to those that somehow never got called out on it.

morganfell362d ago

How is this not a 20 part article?

SlySouls362d ago

Maybe they chose not to nit pick? I dunno but I agree. EA fu**ed up everything this year.

lptmg362d ago

if they had to list every single f***up caused by Battlefront individually.... this article would have been as big as the Bible lol

PygmelionHunter362d ago

People should really stop buying their games if they’re gonna be complaining afterwards, year after year.

Barbauer362d ago

I mean, sites still have to cover their games, even if EA sucks donkey gonads, those outlets can't simply ignore their releases. But yeah, we common folk should vote with our wallets.

PygmelionHunter362d ago

Fair enough. You make a good point.

spicelicka362d ago

How do you know they didn't already stop? You make it sound like there are 5 people complaining and that makes up the entire consumer base for EA games.

PygmelionHunter362d ago

What? Why do I it sound like it’s only about 5 people?

I meant there’s a lot of people that fall for their games each time, and then go about writing pieces such as this complaining about how much the company and their games suck.

Not that I disagree with those people, mind you. But I stopped buying EA’s shiny turds years ago.

spicelicka361d ago

Buyers and complainers are not mutually exclusive. There are people who will buy and won't complain, people who will buy and complain, people who won't buy and won't complain, and people who won't buy but still complain.

The only EA game I've bought in the last few years is Titanfall 2, and I have zero complaints about it. I wanted to buy Battlefront 2 but didn't because of the shit show it turned out to be, I'll still complain about it because they messed up a game I was interested in. Point is that the vocal minority has no impact on the game whether they buy it or not, because millions of others will. Objective criticism is good for the industry.