PUBG Weapon Damage Charts - Body vs Headshot, Limb, Utility

We all know that PUBG is one of if not the most competitive game in the world. A lot of players find PUBG incredibly exciting. However, sometimes we all participate unexplainable situations. This makes us dive into details on how, why and what has happened throughout the unpleasant experience. Well, that’s why we’re making these PUBG Weapon Damage Charts, so you’ll know why the guy you have been shooting at is still alive. Those reasons are lying not only behind the damage output but also the server-side. If the server decides to kill you, you’ll be dead no matter what.

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Takwin334d ago

It is NOT the most competitive. It has random loot, bugs, rubber-banding, and crashes.

It is one of the most entertaining and popular games on Steam and Twitch. I watch far more of it than I play (the Doc, Viss, and Vsnz, and some Shroud). Each game can tell a narrative story based on the loot, random encounters, and the circle placements.