Xbox One X Gets Accolades Trailer Hyping the World's Most Powerful Console

Microsoft releases a new trailer for the Xbox One X, adding a few review quotes to the mix of the hype for its new console.

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bluefox755359d ago

That's typically how new consoles work, lol. It was Pro before it, and it'll be PS5 after it. It's not a new phenomenon. They need to worry about games, because after the holiday sales, it doesn't seem like their new "hardware focused" approach had a very big impact.

sk8ofmnd359d ago

Exactly... its like they forgot how on nov 15th 2001 their og xbox was vastly superior to that of the ps2 with some games being able to hit 720i (which is crazy because i didnt even know what 720 meant in 2001) and the ps2 steam rolled it.
But then again they prob did forget as the people who ran xbox in 2001 are long gone in 2017 where as with sony and nintendo... 😎

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TheSaint359d ago

Power is nothing without the games.

PrematuaProcrastin8a358d ago

Xbox has the best version of every new 3rd party game, and has 3 AAA exclusive games coming in the next 6 months. As you say games are all that matters, How many more does ps have in the same period? All the ps fans said there was gonna be release dates for games at never happened. When is the next AAA PS exclusive going to be released?

TheSaint358d ago

@prematua, no, that would be PC....

BlackTar187359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

it's the stupidest thing i've ever seen really. It's like MS made the first console to be stronger than the old consoles of all time LOL. WE HAVE THE MOST POWERFUl yea guys it happens every gen and 3x this gen. It's just silly as Fu6k

rainslacker359d ago

I remember the first Xbox. It was the most powerful console of its gen out of the gate. It's games looked heads and shoulders better than ps2 games by a wide margin.

It didn't do much to sell the console though. Ms wouldn't have gotten the foothold they did if nvidia twisted ms hand into getting a year head start in the US, and if ms hadn't managed to get a few key games exclusive in the 360, coupled with Sony's own start to last gen. Now ms is going back to playing the power card, but had even fewer compelling games than they did for the ogxbox

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sk8ofmnd359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Its funny with all these "accolades" da x couldnt win npd for the month it launched like so many (xbox dudes) claimed. I really want to know what happens 3 months from now when the xb1x hype completely dies and ppl are buying the xb1s even less frequently than before... because we all know once a new version of an xb1 releases the prior version becomes obsolete

This thing needed to be 399 if it wanted to be a real contender like the xb1s was... for 3 months. At 399 id given the xb1x 3-5 npd's but then it would go back to business as usual... da x better be 299 by the time da ps5 launches 🤗

Tobse359d ago

They didnt sell the System at a loss just to push numbers. Now lets all pretend that we care ey

Atticus_finch359d ago

But even at 500 its still selling at a lost.

PCgamer98359d ago

Powerful console that still runs most games at 30 fps.

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Elda359d ago

Including checkerboarding.

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Ron_Danger359d ago (Edited 359d ago )


They lump native, dynamic, and checkboard 4K into one catagory of Ultra 4K without defining the difference.

GamerFrank85359d ago

Wait is that the X or the pro?

rainslacker359d ago

Checkerboarding is a native 4k format by technical definition.

That's how ms defined it in developer papers.

Contextually to how most use it around here, it is not "true 4k", as most relate it more to upscaling, which is a different process.

Ms did say no compromises though, and seems most took that to mean nothing like checkerboarding since that's what Phil was trying to imply to put Sony's offering in a bad light

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