OTG: Killzone 2 is "Not Quite the Normal Normandy"

Erik Rapson of Only the Games writes: "It starts with a heavy boot sinking into ashen, damp sand. Despite the cold and alien landscape, this is a battle with a distinct familiarity: it's harkening back, drawing inspiration, and twisting it in a new light. If you haven't already sensed it, Killzone 2 is oddly recognizable. The vivid, iconic imagery of war parallels great battles from the past, and, of course, the games they inspired. But rather than being wholly derivative of what it so explicitly admires, the enormity of developer Guerilla Games' vision puts it a cut above the rest."

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PrimordialSoupBase3386d ago

Going to be so much better than Resistance 2.

cheese3386d ago

It does seem far more solid than Resistance 2. That one is being rushed out the door.

HighDefinition3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

They are BOTH great, for their own reasons. Which is a good thing, since they release so close to each other.

Killzone2 (feb)- Is graphically astonishing and seems the have a unmatched level of intensity. Especially the MP.

R2 (nov)- Is a INSANE ammount of content to get on 1 disc for $60, along w/ the ability to play w/ 59 other people online is great, considering how well they did 40 in RFOM. Its unbelievable they made all of this is 2 years and it really destroys the "mindstate" that the PS3 is hard to develop for.

JeanPool3386d ago

Resistance 2 = Jack of all Trades.... master of none.

cheese3386d ago

Wouldn't jump to any conclusions. Resistance needs to fix its wonky aiming though.

HighDefinition3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Who are you?

I mean, what`s your OTHER account?

Jack of all PROFILES, Master at NONE. Right?

PrimordialSoupBase3386d ago

It's going to need more help than that.

HighDefinition3386d ago

RFOM is a VERY liked and much played game STILL on PSN, how you don`t think R2 is going to be better is BEYOND me, Insomniac works HARDER than anyone in the gaming industry. If you don`t like it that`s fine, all I was trying to say is they BOTH have things that I feel.... are good about them in their own way.

PrimordialSoupBase3386d ago

Like Halo 3, there is an irrational love for Resistance. These games are complete weaksauce. I mean it's fine to love a brand and the games that define it, but that doesn't mean every one of them are good. Uncharted was great, Resistance was limp, Killzone 2 will be spectacular, Resistance 2 is just a rushed disc full of content that needs another year of attention.

thor3386d ago

Resistance 2 isn't being rushed. You simply can't use that argument. I swear Insomniac actually ARE a bunch of insomniacs because they work harder than most other dev teams out there. How long did it take them to produce R&CF? One year. That's a critically acclaimed title. The game was certainly not rushed, and neither will R2 be. I don't think it will be any better than any of the other shooters released this year but that's just because I'm slightly disappointed at the graphics and some aspects of gameplay.

3386d ago
rexor07173386d ago

R2 will be the better purchase. Great game play with tons of replay value. And actually colorful graphics.

Shane Kim3386d ago

Resistance maybe wasn't the best game ever made but it was still solid for a launch title.
What I don't seem to understand is how people can say that R2 is being rushed out and that it sucks and so on. I mean just look at the latest videos, the game looks beautiful, the gameplay looks intense and the fact that you'll be fighting enormous bosses just makes the game incredible.

eric1003386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

everyone thinks that resistance 2 will get the shooter of the year award except some xboxfanboys.

even at TGS the r2 booth was full. even the japanese started liking it despite being fps haters

r2 is clearly the best shooter of 2008.

sad sad xbox fanboys ROFL
i wonder whether they would sell x360s and gears 2 copy to get a ps3 and resistance 2

resistance 2 is better than any shooter coming this fall

lowcarb3386d ago

RFOM2 blows this crap out the water.

Nineball21123386d ago

and the Microsoft fanboys can ALSO tell R2 is going to be a killer game.

You know why I know this? Because of all of the desperate attempts to tear it down any chance they get.

Killzone 2 is going to be fantastic too and I'll be getting BOTH games and enjoying every second I play them.

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Kriller3386d ago

Oh dear, I sense another Beta buying spree from gamers. Suckers.

eric1003386d ago


Resistance 2 looks and plays much better than gears 2.
i mean seriously epic should can gears 1.5 or whatever

new resistance 2 gameplay at tgs

Kriller3386d ago

Game has an irrational level of visual fidelity. Apparently it's working beyond mere visual tricks though.

JeanPool3386d ago

It's like Children of Men with Space Marines. Which reminds me, we need a game based on Children of Men.

JeanPool3386d ago

JeanPool approves this Sony product.

cheese3386d ago

... Of course you do.

pornflakes3386d ago

Game looks great.. but in terms of gameplay i dont think it will beat Gears of War 2. Also, Gears of War2 uses more polygons per character as in KZ2.

Shane Kim3386d ago

aaah so u mean that outdated Unreal Engine uses more polygons/character in KZ2? An engine that has taking quite a while to develop? Son, 1 weapon in KZ2 has more polygons than the entire Gears 2.

eric1003386d ago

no one is hyped up for a bad looking game like gears 1.5 except some xbox fanboys

polygon per char???


Both kz2 and resistance 2 sport way more poly per char. gears 2 looks like a ps2 game at times

see resistance 2 and killzone 2's gameplay at tgs

dkgshiz3386d ago

KZ2 smokes Gears 2. Graphics and gameplay. Have you ever seen any footage or gameplay from KZ2?! It smokes Gears. stating Gears 2 has better graphics than KZ2 is really stupid. Even xbots agree KZ2 has better graphics. Unless your in huge denial.

Shane Kim3386d ago

That's what I'm talking about eric100. Those games looks like a blast!

pixelsword3386d ago

... you just can't TELL that Gears 2 uses more polygons than Killzone 2.

arakouftaian3386d ago

KZ2 make Geow look soo old gen im sorry for you n even RFOM was more fun to play is more fun to play n R2 look even way more fun n is a huge game im sorry for you if u call yourself a games n dont have a ps3, sorry .

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