Top 10 PlayStation 4 Games to Watch For in 2018

COGconnected - 2018 is shaping up to be a strong year for Sony's PlayStation 4, and here are ten games to prepare for as the new year approaches.

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sammarshall10229d ago

So many great looking games from Sony. Much appreciated!

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Woolly_29d ago

I've got this Itty bitty teeny tiny feeling that at least one of Sony's 2018 games will slip into 2019

I mean, it's January next month and we still haven't got a concrete release date for God of War.

Plus they have to protect some of the games from the heavy_hitters in the fall. . . hmm

So. . which one will it be?

Lime12329d ago

Well, some Xbox fans were so proud that Sea of Thieves, Crackdown and State of Decay 2 will release in 2017. How many actually released this year?


richyque29d ago

they have cuphead and............

AmstradAmiga29d ago

Well, think about those who have both a Playstation and Xbox at how expensive and exclusive packed their year will be. Now once I get my switch I wont have enough hours in the day...

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yumi7629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Even in 75% of them slip it will still be more exclusives than xbox has. And this is only a short list there are tons of other smaller retail exclusives spread through out the year.

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bluefox75529d ago

Don't worry Wooly, I'm sure you'll get a decent game to play...eventually.

S2Killinit29d ago

luckily there are so many Playstation games that I prefer the developers take their time and give us completed games instead of rushing them.

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AmstradAmiga29d ago

This site is no longer news for gamers. I haved owned most consoles over the years, started gaming in the late 70s. It used to be fun but this whole fanboy manufactured consoe war has become toxic and takes the fun out of gaming.

zivtheawesome29d ago

nah, sony is now on a strategy of "only give years and dates when you are 100% sure you can reach" after they realized that they announced games too early and that their games are being delayed for too long.

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Cyro29d ago

I'm looking forward to Monster Hunter World the most. I've never played a console MH game only the portable games.

opinionated29d ago

Ghost of Tsushima and god of war are reasons to buy a PlayStation. Everything else is alright.

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Woolly_29d ago

they've got at least two titles I want to play next year.

For me it's GOW and Spidey.

When 2019 comes then we can discuss GHOST.

opinionated29d ago

Spider-Man looks ok, a little too cinematic for me. I need to see more. If it wasn’t insomniac I would say it looks terrible but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

GoT has been in development for 3 years.

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