Monster Hunter: World Story Campaign Length Is 40-50 Hours

Monster Hunter: World's story campaign will last as long as previous games in the series.

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DarkOcelet362d ago

Thats awesome. I cant wait for this.

Nitrowolf2362d ago

Should come to no surprise, this is basically the length of any of MH game main campaign.

You are def gonna get way more than that

DarkOcelet362d ago

Yeah I know I will get more than that. I spent over 10 hours on the beta and I didn't get to experience everything the beta had to offer. And all those weapons will take quite a while to master so yeah, i can easily see myself spending hundreds of hours when it drops.

naruga362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

yes this is the norm to hunt every "campaign" monster in any MOn HUn ...however i hope to have included extensive G squest system analoguous to MH Unite ...which could exceed 700 hours of gamepaly in order ot reach Real ending Monsters self i ve spent over 600 on it

PygmelionHunter362d ago


I wouldn’t count on it.

They usually save G class stuff and subspecies for later games.

mikeslemonade362d ago

I like the potential of this franchise. It's basically a toddler because this is the first game that isn't gimped on inferior hardware. The next game is gonna be great.

Nitrowolf2361d ago


Not entirely sure what that means.

Double X is already doing a ton for the series even if it's Japan only atm. Being on current gen console just made it prettier

mikeslemonade361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Current gen doesn't mean only prettier. That's Nintendo way of thinking. Better controls, better online, and among other things.

Maybe the next one will be an mmo.

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UCForce362d ago

Now that’s awesome ! 50 hours is good enough for me.

Lovable361d ago

The Anticipation is strong with this one. It even comes out close to my Birthday!

TheColbertinator362d ago

Monster Hunter can go on for hundreds of hours. So much to do.

GamesMaster1982362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Never played a Monster Hunter game so might check this out. Do they have a story ? or just the odd cutscene here and there. As that's the only type of game's i play now story driven.

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Eiyuuou362d ago

Usually there is barely any story, but according to the devs the game will be way more story focused this time around.

The trailers also indicate this.

Vegamyster362d ago

With the previous games there was very little, it was pretty much "This giant monster threatens our village!" followed by lots of hunting before you can battle the creature before other threats emerge ect. MH:W though looks like it might include more but can't say for sure.

Perjoss361d ago

I'd say MH Tri aka MH3U has the closest thing to a campaign story, you basically arrive at a village that is under attack by a giant monster and you have to work your way up in power to slay or repel it while also helping the village out with side missions. There's a ton of text to read in MH games but a lot of it is kind of filler or jokes or lengthy explanations of all the games systems and mechanics. The loot and crafting system and great combat vs the various bosses is what really shines in these games.

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LegoIsAwesome362d ago

Wait MH has story campaign? I played MH on psp and the generation one in 3ds but never got any story. Or is the story is that missions given by a npc that has 1 stars and so forth? Or am I just missing a lot of cutscene story in MH?

LegoIsAwesome362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Ugh why do I have a downvote? I'm just trying to ask about it since I played the beta? Are you that much of a fan of MH that someone who clearly don't know about the story campaign the article said and is trying to ask about it, upsets you?

DogJosha362d ago

MH's story is limited. There may be some cutscenes that last a few seconds. Otherwise your story is told through doing village quests and talking to the villagers. It is a bit similar to Dark Souls games on how you get to consume the story.

BlackTar187361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Not sure why you even care about The Down votes

InKnight7s361d ago

Well yeah MH story is more like FFXV Comrades create your character get a scene or two and then just do missions and collect things.

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