New cam footage of Killzone 2 single player released

Two new Killzone 2 videos have popped up following the Sony Holiday Press Event earlier this week, showcasing numerous gameplay segments from the hotly anticipated FPS sequel, including the destruction of a bridge and an assault on a Helgast tank.

Check out the two new videos below and let us know your thoughts.

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Silogon3572d ago

Looks really good. The detail in the ground is unheard of. Gears of War doesn't look this good, I don't believe so anyways.

HighDefinition3572d ago

If you want talk TECHNICALLY, this OBLITERATES Gears.

Geow2 look GREAT, but the ANIMATIONS and FLUIDITY in KZ2 are YEARS beyond what the UE3 (Geow2) can do.

SL1M DADDY3572d ago

The first video of that building collapsing is simply crazy and real looking! This game get's my vote for most realistic action, that's for certain.

eric1003572d ago

both resistance 2 and killzone 2 looks and plays better than gears2.
please dont even refute that or start a fanboy war

SL1M DADDY3572d ago

No offense man but can't we enjoy Killzone 2 video clips without having to hear silly comparisons to other games?

lelo3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Why are people always comparing it to Gears. Is Gears the only game that's good looking. Why not compare it to Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Far Cry 2, etc? Personaly i think Crysis has the best graphics engine in a game until now. So compare it to the best.

I said it and i will say it again. When KZ2 was presented 3 years ago, i was really impressed with the graphics. Now with the games that come out since then, i'm not impressed any more. It's a good looking game, but it does not have that WOW factor from 2005.

dro3572d ago

looks sick but im tired of seeing the same old stage again and again, i swear they showed us this stage at e3, u know when u subimt news on killzone2 videos dont say new video bcuz pple like me think that it is a BRAND NEW level. just say heres a video of killzone2. (-_-)

FantasyStar3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

People compare it to Gears because GeoW2 just happens to be on the 360, exclusively. If Crysis was exclusive to 360, it would get the same treatment as Gears, but no one really compared consoles to PCs. -That stopped being fun.

Also I'd have to agree with the WOW factor. I still haven't seen that dynamic hair back in 2005. Not trying to nit-pick with anyone else, but the one thing that wow'ed me in the 2005 teaser was that the hair was so lush and detailed along with the insanely long draw distance that really puts you in perspective. I don't know what's going to happen in the next 4-5 months, but I have no doubt that Guerrilla won't be able to recreate the 2005 teaser. They'll come close, but won't hit that mark. That's just history right there, name a game with pre-rendered trailers, by which the final product meeted-or-exceeded it. Then I might have a different view.

But right now, KZ2's lighting system and atmosphere is bar-none. I've never seen another game that looks and feels as great as KZ2. With GeoW2, it looks fantastic, but KZ2 puts me into a war-torn universe. See? I just compared GeoW2 to KZ2.

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Bigbangbing3572d ago

its the same demo -_- ... i'm still waiting for something big ... Team ICO ... the 9 unannounced games anyone ?

Silogon3572d ago

There are no 9 games, man. It was a mix up and Kaz confirmed that already. He said

"we have many projects in the works and we will show them when the time is right and we feel they meet the standards of that time. Today is about reestablishing the strong commitment we have with our consumers and we're doing that through strong software set to release in a six month window"

That was taken from Gamefaqs/Gamepro. Take it or leave it, man. Reguardless if that is just some rant from a forum goer, there still isn't 9 games. I believe Kaz said that and it was pulled.

Bigbangbing3572d ago

Thanks -_- i didn't know that ... thank you for destroying me -_-

thor3572d ago

Yeah good thing about that is it seems they've learned - no more showing CG footage of a game 4 years before it's released hopefully.

Beast_Master3572d ago

No they said they where just going to focus on this holiday and the spring. They could show trailers of next fall's lineup which are not 4 years away but they decided to wait. They could have shown:
God of War 3
R&C future 2
White Knight Chronicles (I think it is there)
The Protector
Sony Japan's RPGs
Incognito's next game probably Warhawk 2
Hardware 2
Ico's game

But they chose to focus on Home and the confirmed lineup. I am sure that you will see them string these annoucements after christmas between the 20 conventions before E3.

General Pinky3571d ago

Second one....time = 1.05...See what is wrong in the video there…
But I have to say as a Xbox fan….this game is looking dam good…and that is the how it is…but come on guerrilla change the level…plzz..

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LightningPS3PS33572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

when they show a video of an HDTV.

RAF-TECH3572d ago

i hate to do this but...
I think I'm gonna play the first one to just understand teh story..

BulletToothtony3572d ago

it feels a little weird in the beginning but i did like it... it's quite long but i had to keep playing it..

If you have the time is definitely worth playing...

You should go get it from gamestop.. they give you 7 days to try.. so beat it and then return it of the 6th.. that's what i did.. lol

arakouftaian3572d ago

is a good game, n tray to pay the multiplayer whit a friend is fun!!!

GametimeUK3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Stop hyping sequels to crappy games and give the hype to a game that deserves it... KZ1 fooled everyone... Dont let KZ2 make you a laughing stock

(edit) I admit graphically it looks amazing and "looks" better than GoW2... But GoW2 deserves the hype more since the first game was sooooo good

eric1003572d ago

Killzone 2 not only loooks good it plays awesome too. just head over to youtube/gt forums/gaf to get some impressions of the beta

Bigrhyno3572d ago

And I bet you didn't play Killzone. It was actually a pretty fun game. It wasn't a huge system seller, but it was at least worth a rent or lower priced buy. Many of the first games shortcomings had to do with technical things too... And this game appears to be a huge technical achievement. The gameplay in that video (and others I have seen) looks incredibly fun too.

kanedaakira3572d ago

I'm stoked about this game - everything oozes quality. OK - I understand hype can be counter-productive but I have no doubt that this game will be class. I guess we just have to wait and see if it will be good or VERY good but the graphics and movement and atmosphere so far exceed practically every other game on the market (in my opinion!)

Shane Kim3572d ago

I have to agree with your opinion kanedaakira.

GametimeUK3572d ago

If KZ2 is amazing obviously I will be happy... I will eat my words... But I dont know why expectations are so high since the first one failed so bad!... I am just gonna wait and see but I dont think this game is worthy of everyones attention until its released and a solidified good game... Until then the only game we can realistically compare it to in the franchise is KZ1...

MGS4 WAS orthy of the hype since the games are classic...
But surely if a game is poo it should have a reverse affect from MGS4


Beast_Master3572d ago

UK. Your right the first game was not that great but that was GG first time out. They put out a PSP game that made up KZ1 problems and redemed themselves as developers. This game picks up where liberation left off so that is why it is getting the attention.

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