The Culling will Receive no Further Updates

The Culling on Xbox One and PC will be receiving no further updates going forward as the developers have moved onto their next project.

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r3f1cul361d ago

i remember when this game first came out, it killed it on twitch and was sooo fun, and then the dev team slowly and surely killed it one update after another ... im not sure ive ever seen a game literally commit suicide right in front of my eyes quite like the culling did ... it was both sad and amazing at the same time ..

Frinker361d ago

I enjoyed it when it first released too

r3f1cul361d ago

lots of people did ... then the dev team slowly canabalized it for whatever reason and couldnt make a right decision if their lives depended on it sadly :/

Krysis361d ago

Destiny is doing it right now.

r3f1cul360d ago

destiny has been dead to me since bungie decided to fuck over all OG season pass holders and only give anything good after that ran out on the first game ... right then and there i decided they would never get a single cent of my money ever again thus i avoided the inevitable destiny 2 bullshit i knew was going to happen lol

Reese_____360d ago

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