Tales Of Festival 2018 Announced; Coming in June

Bandai Namco made no announcements about new console Tales games during today's livestream but gave a hint on when those might come.

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captainrivaini275d ago

Please let there be another Tales game as good as Berseria. Please Bandai, I'll do anything

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FallenAngel1984275d ago

Give Berseria its own anime series

Eterna1Ice275d ago

It does have like 2 anime episodes iirc.

FallenAngel1984275d ago

Having two episodes in a Zestiria anime isn’t enough

bluefox755275d ago

I've only ever played one tales game, Tales of Vesperia. I really enjoyed it, and have considered getting Berseria as well, but was a little reluctant because of the mediocre critical reception. Is it as good as Vesperia?

Vits275d ago

Speaking of critical reception, Berseria has practically the same acceptance of Vesperia, with both of them having the same 79/80 scores on critic aggregators. And I would not call that reception mediocre.

But speaking as a fan of the series, who has played almost all it's titles. I would say it is the best game of the franchise since Vesperia, but not as good as it (however it may be the nostalgia speaking).

bluefox755275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Yeah, I checked google after that comment, and you're right, they did score the same. I guess I called it mediocre because I remember some critics being rather harsh, but I guess Vesperia got the same treatment. Thanks for the info, will definitely check out Berseria.

FinalFantasyFanatic274d ago

Beseria is one of the best Tales games we've had in a long time, it really did make up for Zesteria. I'll pretty much shower praise on Beseria apart from the easy combat, everything else about it was good.

Myst-Vearn275d ago

No tales game is as good as Vesperia, but Berseria is probably the closest.

babadivad274d ago

Glad Vesperia is getting some love now. People used to keep talking about Symphonia like it's the crown jewel of the Tales of series. It isn't.

Summons75275d ago

Switch title information, please!

Relientk77274d ago

Tales of Berseria is amazing. Looking forward to the next console Tales Of game

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