Payday 2's physical version for Switch appears to be priced at $50

Payday 2 was announced for Switch during a Nintendo Direct way back in April. This past week, a final release date was shared. The game will be offered both physically and digitally on February 27 in the Americas and February 23 in Europe.

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Activemessiah360d ago

There must be a reason for these prices on the Switch... the game is 15 bucks on the PS4...

Lon3wolf359d ago

There is, it's because they are using memory cards for game media, and devs want some extra for porting to the Switch. It's cheaper on PC than PS4 too.

Majin-vegeta359d ago

That's cartridges for ya😊

ChronoJoe359d ago

It really has little to do with the extra cost of the cart. At most that should add a few $, not $35.

It's much more to do with the fact that the devs have had to shell out to get this game ported over to Switch, and they want a good return on that investment. Pay Day 2 might be £15 on PS4 now, but it didn't release at that price.

davand114358d ago

I believe the Switch version is a port of the ultimate edition which is priced around $50 right now.

blackblades358d ago

Na I bought that for $10 last week. Now the question why would people pay all this money for a port of an old game that you can get it cheaper on another console from now and then where better quality.

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