PLAYERUNKNOWN: PUBG on Xbox One Is A Little Rough, But We'll Polish It Off

Brendan 'PLAYERUNKNOWN' Greene appeared on the official Mixer livestream to talk about PUBG's Xbox One launch and called it "a little rough" while adding that Bluehole will work with the community and Microsoft to polish it in the coming months.

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ccgr98d ago

I'm sure they'll iron it out :)

Zero_Suit_Samus98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

“PLAYERUNKNOWN: PUBG on Xbox One Is A Little Rough, But We'll Polish It Off“

A little rough? You originally said the game would be 60fps. Funny considering you’re lucky to hit 30fps in most cases.

Zero_Suit_Samus98d ago (Edited 98d ago )


“The fact that you literally can't comprehend what Early Access means also confirms how retarded you are.“

Does calling people retarded make you feel like a big boy?

Let’s take a look at Ark which started out early access on Xbox. Now let’s look at the final product. Still a technical mess. Same could happen with PUBG.

98d ago
Zero_Suit_Samus98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

“I’m The_Infected. Love how you accuse people though. Keep up the hard work.”


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Zero_Suit_Samus98d ago



A simple google search would tell you the answer.

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dekke97d ago

if it was 60fps it would be pretty unfair for OG xone owners ...but last topic was that it runs 10fps on xonex :P

Septic97d ago

@threefootwang- Haha got em!


Sooo many games to play but you spend multiple accounts chatting BS. These Sony!

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KaiPow98d ago

I've been waiting for this for a long time, but I would've been happy waiting another few months to get a more stable frame rate. Even if it's closer to 15-20 on the X.

Alexious98d ago

They need to get it on consistent 30FPS on the X at least. On the ground, when parachuting it isn't really an issue.

97d ago
Jinger98d ago

Well you obviously haven't played it on the X, because besides the player queue and plane drop the frame rate stays mostly at 30fps with slight drops during heavier action

rainslacker98d ago

I'd imagine the majority of players haven't played it on the X. Saying it's fine on the X isn't an excuse to not consider the more numerous users on the base console.

Jinger98d ago


"Even if it's closer to 15-20 on the X."

This is why I made my comment. If he was just talking about the base Xbox I would absolutely agree. But the X is well above 15-20, that is more the base Xbox.

Kribwalker97d ago

it’s fairly solid when i play it on the X. Maybe i’ll try it on my oneS or OG today and see how it is

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Codedan98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

This is not 15-20 average on the X. I have the X, and this is averaging around 25-30.

fathertime446497d ago

It's early access. Don't buy it till it's a finished game. The whole point of early access is to put an unfinished product for the point of fixing bugs and adding things as players find them. Not to mention the main point of early access is to create more rviniew so that the company can afford to finish the game and bring it to console.
But I guess to most people early access translates to getting it before it hits stores

Jinger97d ago

and usually for a cheaper price. just like ARK this game will jump up to $60 at full release I'm sure.

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Vasto98d ago

Thank you.

You have our full support.

NoPeace_Walker98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

This will make over 1 million players in just two days at the start of an Early Access game very happy. 👍🏼

Lime12398d ago

Great, beta player. You test it and I will play finished version on my PS4

NatFanBoyRestricted98d ago

There's no evidence of pubg coming to PS, with the amount of resources MS used towards pubg. All those PCs everyone bought and built for xbox exclusives, I don't see why they don't just play on PC.

bneals98d ago

NoPeace_Walker...I don't care if you like the Xbox or X1X, but you know nothing about consoles or console power if you think that your PS4 or PS4 Pro has more juice than the X1X. Sorry...but the X1X has better components. Don't be a hater. You have a ton of exclusives to brag about. But, don't try to go spec to spec with the X1X because you sound silly.

Mexxan97d ago Show
balance2theforce97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Why wait though? Everyone here it seems have more than capable PC's. Maybe you're on of the unlucky ones who"s mythical PC didn't appear. before you yet *in a hushed whisper* I heard that like a wild horse or the things in Avatar, those mythical PC's have to choose you*. Don't worry though, I'm certain that it's sure to appear the next time there's a MS exclusive that also happens to make it to PC. Or if PUBG never makes it's way to some of y'all favorite branded box.

Jinger97d ago

you'll also have to pay $60 for the full version

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Automatic7998d ago

This is how Game Preview works. Playing the game and enjoying.

NoPeace_Walker98d ago

This is the only time I can remember an Early access/ game preview game get so much hate when it was known from it's first announcement that it is an Early access game. When the PC version first ran worst than the Xbox preview, it has no such scrutiny..I wonder why? 🤔

98d ago
LoneWolf18197d ago

Ark also had a lot of backlash if I remember correctly, but i think pubg has gotten more criticism. It's probably because pubg is just more popular so you have more people playing it and more people bringing up the downfalls of the game, which in my opinion is good because then the developers hear loud and clear what we want out of the game when it's fully released.

SirBradders97d ago

Have you seen the reviews on steam. Somehow I think you are the one with the agenda.