Reasons Why EA Might Silently Be Working on a new Command and Conquer Title

EA might just be working on a new C&C game. Here's the rumour.

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PapaBop363d ago

If true, just watch it be online only.

DJStotty363d ago

with lootboxes for the chance for mammoth tanks, tesla coils etc etc.

363d ago
Tru_Blu362d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Even if they are making a new C&C I'll keep my expectations in the cellar where they belong when EA is the one behind it.

3-4-5362d ago

pay $20 more for skirmish mode.......still only online...with only 2 $15 for more.

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chris235363d ago

if it's like steep and other examples where in case of an internet outage you are only able to play some pretty useless freeroam mode, i will still support it. but if the gameplay is actually 90% coop/onlinemultiplayer then my money is going elsewhere. to be forced to play with other human beings takes the fun out of every game. hope they are not doing the mistake of overestimating people's wish to play against onlinedudes and -dudesses all the time.

mafiahajeri363d ago

Man there are no good RTS games anymore. The final hope is age of empires 4. If that succeeds and sells well, then we can expect more old franchises to come back.

Still want a new LOTR RTS similar to battle for middle earth, what an amazing game.

KillZallthebeast362d ago

Stellaris is pretty okay for pure rts. The total war series isnt too bad with a mix of rts in the actual battles

mafiahajeri362d ago

Total war is amazing, but I meant a more traditional RTS.

hiredhelp363d ago

Without Westwood never be true C&C

Tru_Blu362d ago

Ya red alert 3 was just bad, I mean bad. I love ric flair the wrestler but he shouldn't be near a red alert game. RA2 was my jam though, that was the game that turned me into a gamer.

GamesMaster1982363d ago

I was disappointed the Command & Conquer that was supposed to be on PS3 last gen got canned. It looked quite good. But if they do make a new one and it is all online only i will pass in a heartbeat.

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The story is too old to be commented.