PS4 vs Xbox One vs Nintendo Switch: Who Won 2017?

2017 was an utterly historic year for games, but one company managed to dominate the zeitgeist nonetheless...

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moegooner88335d ago

Both the PS4, and the Switch had a really great year.

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JaguarEvolved334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

PlayStation without a doubt and they'll win 2018 also easily

ABizzel1334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Depends on how you look at it, taking everything into consideration IMO:

1. PS4
2. Switch (extremely close 2nd)
3. XBO

The PS4 without new hardware has still just dominated 2017. It might not have had the biggest news stories, the best hardware, or two top prime candidates for GOTY. But it did have a large collection of great exclusives for everyone, PSVR has finally hit the price point of mass adoption and is starting to get the experiences it needs to be successful, and even without all they hype they've completely dominated sales on a global scale. And 2018 looks even better. This was a great year for PS4.

Switch is the underdog story of the year depending on if you consider it a console and the successor to the Wii U, or a handheld and the successor to the 3DS. Worst case scenario people wrote it off as a Wii U 2 with the tablet being able to go anywhere, most sane fans though it would sell at a bit less than the 3DS due to the higher price and the increase in mobile gaming on cellphones, but Switch launched with a GOTY worth Zelda, and kept a steady flow of strong games throughout the year both first and 3rd party. If it wasn't for PS4 just still selling as well as it is, the number 1 sport could have easily gone to Nintendo and the Switch.

2017 has been rough on the Xbox brand. Exclusives were limited and on top of that some games got cancelled making it even more bare. Hardware sales were down and tracking in 4th place behind the PS4, Switch, and even the 3DS. PS4 was taking the major 3rd party deals, and PS4 and Switch had exclusives in abundance where XBO was lacking. The real saving grace for the XBO in 2017 was the XBO-X which is an amazing piece of hardware, even if it is too late to the market. Hopefully 2018 will be better for them.

FinalFantasyFanatic334d ago

I can't help but agree, you're pretty much on point with your analysis of each system.

jaymacx334d ago

yeah, both PS4 & Switch. I really wanted MS to do well but it is what it is (game-wise)

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corroios335d ago

It was a great year for sony and the switch. They deliver new amazing games sold tons and tons of consoles. Microsoft got a very bad year, losing market share, selling much less then rivals, delaying games and thinking that higher rez and power at this stage would be a gamechanger...

welly300334d ago

Micrsoft didnt expect a game changer but gave people a choice and its not done that bad. Id say the winner this year is Nintendo to come back from the wii u i didnt expect it.

morganfell334d ago

I have to disagree. MS made some statements about the X1 only being for certain gamers but then they talked non stop about the world's most powerful console. You heard that 50 times more than any remarks about the machine being only for certain gamers. I think they actually expected a lot more including being able to brag about the November NPD.

frostypants334d ago

It's bad when you consider that they released the X without ever keeping their "powah of the cloud" promise for the base One.

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knickstr334d ago

Don't forget cancelling games too.

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porkChop335d ago

The PS4 had a really great year, but I have to give 2017 to the Switch. The system has completely changed everything for Nintendo, including the public perception of the Nintendo brand.

Ristul334d ago

I love the PS4, but I really wanted Nintendo to make a comback and the Switch is on track to become a great system with a lot of great exclusives. I give it to both PS4 and Switch, very different consoles but they are both great in their own right.

porkChop334d ago

They're certainly both great systems. I have both, and a high-end PC, and so I always have great games to look forward to year-round.

rainslacker334d ago

The switch exceeded my expectations, and I'd imagine many other people's. I'd say it had a great year.

As to had a better one, it's hard to judge because I feel that both Nintendo and Sony had great years. Already have a PS4, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting a switch for xmas.:)