Engadget: Sony has a PS3 controller charger, let us show you it

Engadget writes:

"Even with today's wireless video game controllers, you can't stay untethered forever. After a few hours of gaming on the PlayStation 3, you'll have to plug in that SIXAXIS or DualShock 3 USB cable to charge. Starting December 18th, Sony Japan will offer an AC adapter intended for PS3 controllers at a price of ¥2,800 (just under $30). Like third party solutions we've seen, it has two USB ports so you'll be able to do two controllers or toss in a Bluetooth headset. Nothing yet on availability outside of Japan, but if we get word we'll be all over it, 'cause we feel slightly guilty for leaving the PS3 on overnight to charge -- what with the world's dwindling energy supply and all."

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Wildarmsjecht3544d ago

The only time I let my controller die was during call of duty 4. I went on a marathon clan war with my clan and played through the nite. Controller died on me mid grenade throw and yes...I died. Had to switch to the next asap, but this sounds like a good item to have. If it does come stateside, i might pick it up..maybe.

Johnny Rotten3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I guess having Sony to implement a feature to charge the controller when the power's off is out of the question.

It wont affect me seeing how I have a 12ft usb cable and only sitting 7ft away but still.

Ben10543544d ago

i swear it lasts for 30hrs for sixaxis or 20hrs for dualshock

DrWan3544d ago

It last more like 12-24 hrs...

btw, save ur money. If you only have one controller right now, buy another one, and plug it into ur PS3 while u play the other. and swap swap, that's all u need to do. If you have 2 controller then u got nothing to worry about, if you have 2 ppl that plays allt he time, buy a 3rd controller for extra 20 dollar...way better than this.

Raoh3544d ago


i have a belkin usb extension cable hooked up to my controller usb cable, when things get low i plug it in.

i always check so i rarely go below half the batter life. also when watching movies i use my blu ray remote and leave the controller charging.

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